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Born in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, to Marcel and Martha Jéan-Pierre and his "second mother" Ann-Marie Jéan-Pierre, Dean Jéan-Pierre is the eldest of two children. He has a younger brother named Denny.

At age nine, the death of Mr. Jéan-Pierre's father made him look for a place of sanctuary. That place was found in his imagination, the world of books and the Frederiksted (V.I.)Public Library, where he was usually the first reader of the new Beverly Clearly, Hardy Boys or Encyclopedia Brown books.

When your passion speaks to your heart, resisting is not an option...

A gifted writer and storyteller, Mr. Jéan-Pierre stimulates the inner passions of his readers with a mixture of sensually erotic short stories and prose which is skillfully written to feed not only the body but also the mind. He believes that the mind is an underused sexual organ that, once stimulated, can be just as potent as the body. There is an intimate tenderness that he brings in his character portrayals not often expressed by men. Mr. Jéan-Pierre is able to express the vulnerabilities of the human physique when love and passion meet in the place of the heart. He brings a fresh new outlook and perspective on relationships from all gender perspectives in several urban markets.

Mr. Jéan-Pierre's first collection, "The Pussy Whispers," is a sensual erotic compilation of short stories written by a master to seduce his readers into his world with deep verbal penetrations. It will leave them craving for more of his cerebral erotica. Scheduled to be released in the winter of 2009, "The Pussy Whispers" will be the first of many full-length works of Mr. Jéan-Pierre''s fiction and poetry. His first novel is scheduled for release in 2010. Independently well-versed and traveled, Mr. Jéan-Pierre currently resides in Maryland.

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