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Morning Wood

LIKE CLOCKWORK EVERY morning, like the sun rising at dawn over the coconut and avocado trees in the backyard yard or the roosters crowing outside, Tessa knew it would be ready for her without fail. His early morning wood would be ready to stand and deliver what her body needed and demanded to start the morning off just right. It was just what she craved for right before her morning shower, along with a cup of Bustelo coffee, black--no dilution--just like him. Coffee infused her body with the same kind of energy that his early morning wood did. She would wake up craving to feel its morning stiff heat entering her body as if it was oxygen, giving her the gift of life. It was an orgasm to the system and it would repeat itself, quietly through the rest of her day.

I Touch Myself

I TOUCH MYSELF when I think of you. I know it’s crazy but I just cannot help myself as my hands discreetly make love to my swollen pussy through my red dress and black thong. I love feeling the warmth throbbing between my legs. My pussy is crying out for your touch, to feel the warmth of desire in your fingers as you arouse the fire buried deep inside the sweet ache of my pussy. Just the thought of your long fingers sliding deliciously down my clit, you squeeze it gently making me moan out loud in ecstasy and then your fingers continue into my wet pussy, makes me want to masturbate right now. I forget that people are around me sometimes when I get this way for your touch. It is as if I become this other person that I don’t even recognize, but I love who she is and how brave she makes me feel.

Releasing Her Inner Slut

GUYS LIKE HIM are always trouble. Mr. GQ in the flesh and equipped with a smile so deadly, it can make even the most religious lesbian contemplate getting some dick just to find out if maybe they had missed something the first time around the dick pool. Even though we know that these GQ types are trouble--we still end up falling for them and giving them our hearts and free passage into the Garden of Eden. We end up losing ourselves completely to the insanity of chasing love and not knowing exactly how we got to this point where we are living and breathing this person’s every word like it’s the gospel according to Jesus Christ, the Lord God and the Holy Father wrapped up in one deity. The addictive power of potential love and sex so fantastic, it makes the soap operas appear tame in comparison is the quiet force behind a woman’s allowance of a man into her sacred space.

Five Senses of Passion

EVEN BEFORE I see her, my senses are alive with her smell; her taste is warm on my tongue, my fingers ache to touch the softness of her sweet flesh, so I can hear the passion of her moans seducing my ears and waking up my deepest arousal. With her, my five senses of passion become eroticized and my entire being feels like a ball of fire ready to explode deep inside of her to feed her body slow, sensual penetrating strokes which will leave both of us on the cusp of being speechless, but our bodies continue our intense lovemaking conversation.

Ay Papi

HER SWEAT TASTES like spring rain. Every sweet raindrop that falls on her warm skin quenches the thirst on my tongue. Her body induces so much pleasure, even as she sleeps, my desire for her grows deeper and more intense. It is almost sinful, but not quite, the bliss my body and mind receive from kissing Sabina’s naked sun kissed flesh. I am thankful every day and I feel the need to pray to express my gratitude for the blessing of her. For her, I enjoy being on my knees, be it in prayer or in servitude. If my body could be sustained by kissing, licking, touching and swallowing her sweet love every day, then she would be the only nourishment I would crave to give me strength. All the nutrients my body needs to survive can be found in the passion of her love. Morning, noon and night, I would be happy just to drink from the spring that flows eternally wet from the geyser of her pale thighs.


Morning Wood
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I Touch Myself
Releasing Her Inner Slut
Five Senses of Passion
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Ay Papi
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