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Sinful Fruit (erotica short story)



Sinful Fruit



If she knew the thoughts I was thinking as her pink tongue slides provocatively in and out of her delicious mouth; she would either blush profusely or be disgusted by my secret erotic thoughts.  Either emotion from her would only incite more of the same thoughts from me.  Her mouth looks like a tight pussy that needs to be probed deeply by my tongue and every time she smiles, the pinkness of her lips makes me wonder if the pink slices of her pussy are just as moist and inviting.  My thoughts scream at me that we should fuck her mouth until her jaws are sore.  The more she smiles, moves her lips and licks them unconsciously drives my thoughts insane and we wonder if her lips taste like cherries, strawberries or like the warmth of her smile.  A smile so warm that to bask in the glow of its warmth is to experience the sensations your body feels as it is careening towards an orgasm.

            No one else seems to be aware of my thoughts so my thoughts feel safe from persecution of being labeled a pervert as we suck greedily on her erect tongue.  Words are being whispered from her mouth but they make no sense because in my mind everything she is saying is an echo of my thoughts.  I want to reach over the counter and lick her lips, sucking on both of them until she moans in ecstasy as she feeds me her entire tongue.  Her tongue is that sinful slice of succulent fruit that once tasted and sucked of all its flavor becomes an addiction that has to be fed all the time.  If there was a Goddess of Tongue, she would be it. She would be the Queen of Tongues worthy of being sucked by every pair of lips that she deemed worthy of sucking on her fleshy morsel of tender pleasure.  In an hour I will be back for more of the sinful fruit she serves to everyone and maybe if I am lucky, she will say a few words that make her mouth take the shape of an oval as if it is imitating a kiss. My lips will mimic those same words and it will be almost as real as a real kiss.  “Thank you for coming to Starbucks,” her lips smile at me and I want to fill them again with the full width and depth of my tongue to swallow her every word.




Jéan-Pierre, Dean


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