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The Intoxicating Scents of Lovemaking (erotica)

The Intoxicating Scents of Lovemaking


After we made love, it felt as if I had taken a bath in your skin
It is a scent I want to wear everyday knowing that you are a part of me
I want to feel it as warmly as I do your smile
A part of my breath, one with my consciousness
The intoxicating scent of you calls me inside of your love again
I will make love to you as many times as my body will allow
When it fails me, I will use everything in my possession
To make sure there is nothing you are left wanting
Pleasing you brings me pleasure and it means more to me than my own
Only when I know you are completely satisfied
Is the only time I can take true satisfaction in making love
As we laid in bed, I breathed you in and held my breath
I want our passion to be captured forever and become a part of me
Every breathe I exhale is in reverence to us making love
The scent of you breathes in my every pore
The taste of your warm passion is still wet on my lips
When I touch my skin your kisses I feel
It makes me hard all over again
I cannot wait until I get home this evening
To undress you and smile at the sight of you naked
I know all your body’s secrets and the things that give it pleasure
I know just where to touch and watch your nipples rise to greet my tongue
Even the heat permeating from your body has its own wonderful scent
It is a mixture that is at once seductively intoxicating
Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to have lived without you in my life
You were always out there bringing beauty to the world and now you are mine
Every time we make love the intoxicating scents of our lovemaking
Lives in the walls, the sheets, our skin and in the air that we breathe
Taking a shower feels like a sin as if we are washing away the love we made
The way we make love cannot be washed away with the warmth of water
The love we make sustains our soul and the beautiful aroma of our lovemaking
Will forever live in our memory long after we are no longer physically capable
But in our minds, we can make love to each other for the rest of our lives.

Jéan-Pierre, Dean
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