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Long After

Long after my memory has faded
And I am unable to recollect
You were the love of my life
I have to believe that the power of love,
Inherently runs so deep that not even the ravages of time
Can erase a love as profoundly affecting as ours
Something so beautiful cannot be forgotten
Simply because we are no longer relevant
And the world has found new lovers to take our place
You will always be the light that shines in my eyes
The warmth that flows in my blood
The woman who captured my heart
After I had already given up
But always secretly hoping that love,
Would once again call my heart home
Long after my memory has faded
I will remember you even in fleeting thought
My mind will search every corner of my heart
To find what once was so beautiful.

Jéan-Pierre, Dean
Copyright ©
10-26-06…9:00 pm

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