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Beyond the Realm of Everything

Last night we transcended the boundaries
Of mere lovemaking, we were urgent in need of rescuing
Your body was the sun, a heat radiating from your core
Reached out to me hungry to release its energy
The subtlest touch and your body reacted, knowingly
Without pretense of wanting to be enslaved
I merged into you, heat melting inside heat
Behind closed doors our thoughts and secrets are revealed
Your body betrays you the way a man keeps a mistress
Desire lives in your eyes
And your innermost thoughts stand there naked
Even before I take you and fill you with my love
You are already mine, there’s no use in pretending otherwise
Beyond the realm of everything
Only we exist in this moment, we are alone,
Free of constraints and we allow our imaginations to roam
It’s there you will find me always waiting
For you, the woman that I love.

Jean-Pierre, Dean
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