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Almost Unbearable

She has this way of making me feel special
Just in the way she expresses her heart
I feel the raw emotion she’s communicating
I sense she’s feeling it for the very first time
The passion of her heart is new to her
I wonder if she’s amazed at the thoughts she’s having
The rush of emotions outracing her mind
Leaving her wondering who is this person having these thoughts
She smiles inadvertently when she imagines his touch
Her face is flushed
Her throat is parched
Once again she’s in need of everything him
The hours between the next time they meet
Is closing fast, soon
Her body will be alive with a million touches and kisses
An ache like this is almost unbearable, but
She knows relief is on the way
She smiles once again.


Jéan-Pierre, Dean
Copyright ©

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