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Lovemaking (erotica)


When your senses are awakened

Lovemaking in its truest creation

Creates a life energy that cannot be forgotten

Every flicker of light

The whisper of a sound

The slightest touch enflames your imagination

The pounding warrior rhythm of your heart

Soft seduction of fevered gasps of breaths caresses your ears

A kiss from her lips barely touching your skin

Your heart is beating faster than you can think

This creates the beautiful music of lovemaking

Passion rising to a crescendo at its highest release

Then plummeting to a whisper and then all is quiet

Lovemaking begins long before your bodies merge

It is in the things you say to seduce her mind

Words she needs to hear caresses her heart

Your actions will cement what she already believes

It is in the way you make her feel without even a touch

Her mind begins to already drift to your beautiful life

You are now part of her forever consciousness

With every breath she breathes you into her soul

Making love is an exercise in restraint and patience

True pleasure comes when you allow your lover to reach their climax

Without inhibition of reaching their full potential

Making love has never been so sensually beautiful.


Jéan-Pierre, Dean


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