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The Seduction of Arousal of her Sweetest Ache (erotica)


The sweet summer heat of her honey nectar kisses his throbbing head

As he allows it to linger there for a moment

At the entrance of her moist heaven he basks in the moment,

Inhaling the aroma of her rainfall blooming flower

Before slowly allowing the ache of his penetration

To slowly sink into the depths of her wet sanctuary and become one with his consciousness

Every nerve in his being is erect

The heat pulsating from his body intensifies his already hardened erection

The soft folds of her sweetest ache kiss the tender head of his manhood

Ushering him slowly into the warmth of her fevered secret

At first thought, her heated passion feels as if he is kissing the face of the sun at high noon

But then… he closes his eyes…

And likens it to the sweet warmth of sunshine caressing his face with her seductive touch

Shivers of arousal race up and down his spine

The subtle strength of her drizzling flower encloses his heated arousal

The vines of her moistness twists tightly around his manhood

Drawing him into the center of a combination of volcanic eruption and monsoon weather

The forecast is more of the same for hours to come

There is nowhere else to go except to stroke and swim his way deeper and deeper

To find the source of her hunger and to feed its fire with every ember that burns in his loins

Famished for something that will touch, fill, caress, soothe and overflow her tender walls

With a delicious aching passion of release which will leave her trembling in the aftermath of being sexf*ckloved

To within an inch of losing consciousness; she wraps her long sinewy legs around his arched back

Slowly massaging his sweet pulsating darkness deeper into the abyss of her dew filled flower

He is not of this world anymore

He has been transported to a place that he has only read about,

Wished for it to be real and now,

He finds himself wrapped tightly in the fantasy of his dreams

That has now merged with his immediate reality

He sees past her beauty and imagines one day having a family

In her beautiful garden he will one day plant his seed

Fertilizing her moist soil with all his love.



Jéan-Pierre, Dean

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