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All That She Needs to Know

All that She Needs to Know….




She says to him in all her honesty

Tell me you love me as if it’s your very first time

Make it sound like those words are strangers to your lips

Make me believe you’ve never loved another before me

Even though I know you have already experienced that feeling

I need to know for once I’m first in someone’s life

Not just merely a footnote, an annotation

But that my story is special and I’m deserving of adulation

If there’s nothing else in this life you can give to me

At least give me a moment to let me know I’m worthy.



11:50 in the pm

(I’ve read this a few times as I’ve written it, and it reads of hope, despair and longing. A longing to be validated in the eyes of another when we’re unable to validate and appreciate ourselves. Maybe it has another meaning which will dawn on me later.)


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