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A Day Full of Wonder


a love that can destroy

send you spiraling into a bottomless abyss

from that betrayal few ever recover

few ever rediscover such a feeling of love so impassioned

a love so strong it shakes the foundations of your being

for that love you would renounce everything

for those who have loved their lovers with every precious breath

for the love of your life you can't forget

In an instant passion's flame can be re-ignited

when you hear her name memories of your first kiss now burn on your lips

first time you held her hand

shyly she turned away to hide her smile

nervous butterflies crashing inside

for a moment, fleeting regret crosses your mind

you wait for an eternity for a sign

that she feels the same way you do

she squeezes your hand ever so gently

It's like a 1,000 volts of electricity happy frying your brain

and now as you think back to that day

a day full of wonder, a day like no other

over and over you've replayed every word, every gesture

every missed opportunity  you couldn't believe you didn't see

but now none of that matters

memories have a way of changing with time

we imagine what we feel in our hearts to be true

we deceive ourselves to believe that true love exists

when it's nothing more than an extended hand in friendship

a smile you imagined is reserved only for you

but that's just who she is, she smiles for everyone

her smile which brought you so much joy

now belongs to another and you're left here to wonder

whatever happened to the promise of a day full of wonder.

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