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Affect You Have


We kissed in the dark

The only light was in your eyes

Just a week ago I didn’t know your name

You were a stranger unknown to me

And now, the thought of never having known you

Or hearing you say my name

It would break my heart for the third time

Your presence has a way of calming my spirit

As if you understand me without words

You respond to my touch

And I feel your body screaming silently

My lips reach for yours to feed your need for love

I will kiss you until I run out of kisses

Or until you no longer need me

I hope that day never comes for both of us.



 (It’s amazing how one can become quickly attached to another soul. To think they’ve always been in this world unbeknownst to you going about their daily life, and then one day you meet. The rest as they say is tragedy. Events not yet reality play in my mind like a coming attraction)


Dean Anthony Jéan-Pierre

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