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Bless I Am


Blessed I am with the gift of life

The chance of opportunity

On the back of my ancestors

I reap the rewards of their struggles

How often do we stop and acknowledge

All the sacrifices they’ve made

From Rosa Parks to MLK

To all the others who are nameless, faceless

Back in the day

They all stood on the same mountaintop

Looked around saw the desire inhabiting our people

Somehow knowing that better days would come

They all laid the foundation

On their backs we all walk

Is it too much to ask that in reverence to the past

We stop using nigga as a term of endearment

Imagine the face of Dr. King if he heard this word of degradation

Used today by our people with so much affection

I imagine he would be brought to tears

Of how much we’ve regressed using words of such disrespect

Used to make our grandmothers and grandfathers seem less than human

And won’t someone of affluence with the ear of today’s youth

Stand up and be counted touched with a conscience

That profit before human dignity

Shouldn’t be our legacy

Blessed I am

So blessed I am.


Dean Jean-Pierre


12:47 pm


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