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Blessings of Faith


Graced by your presence

Blessed by your words

Healed by your prayers

Comforted by your smile

You can never know the true depths

Of knowing you has meant to me over the years

It has been a blessing of faith

A testament to the endurance of the spirit

When darkness surrounds but friendship and faith still exists

When loneliness no longer seems tolerable

Only god's love is fully able to comfort despondent hearts

Only god's love can keep us warm

When the coldness of the world seeks to do us harm 

Blessings of faith comes in many forms

The kindness of friends who keep us connected

A friendly smile from an innocent child

Giving us hope that there still is beauty in this life

Friendship is god's way of letting us know

That he is out there,

Watching us, loving us

Even when it feels like we're all alone

He sends us angels and we're not.


Jean-pierre, dean


(This work is copyrighted)


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