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Constant In My Life


Her voice caresses my ear

Like the Quiet Storm on New York radio

She calms away my fears

Her love, so soft, so sweet reaches into my soul

She listens…without judgment, without preconceptions

But for full appreciation of who I am

She hears the music between the noise

She sees clearly beyond the layers of my façade

She has seen me at my most vulnerable times

When my eyes weren’t deep enough to hold my tears

She listened to my heart as it cried

Through the days and nites, months and years

Friends and lovers have come and gone

Broken hearts have taken their toll

Distance and time have kept us apart

But through it all,

Her place in my heart is unquestioned

A friend unlike any I have ever known

To her I have bared my soul

My secrets I know she will always keep

And for her I will do the same

Her name is Michelle, but I call her friend

She remains the constant in my life

Until the very end…


Written on the 19th of May 2001 for M.H.

(You’ve been a far better friend to me than I am to you. Thank You)

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