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The Delicacy of Your Taste (erotica)

The Delicacy of Your Taste


I just tasted the sweetness of your pussy warm on my lips

It feels like the breath of sunshine sensually kissing my face

I just felt your heart beating steadily against my chest

I swear it feels as if God was talking through us

Your breasts were at home in the sanctuary of my hands

Your nipples waited patiently to get seconds

The images of us making love in my dreams are always so powerfully vivid

Your moans rained down on me like a cathartic thunderstorm

Your cries of passion whistled in my ears like the howling wind

There are still some days when it feels good to get wet for no reason

Even though you are thousands of miles away and probably fast asleep by now

There is no other taste that can stimulate my taste buds

Quite like the delicacy of your taste sweet on my tongue

The fertility of my imagination causes my lips to swell

In fevered anticipation of getting them drenched

 Silent moans of thirst whisper hungrily from the depths of my throat

It is a hunger I know all too well that only your delicacy can fully quench

Any other but yours would just be a huge disappointment

It has only been a few days since my tongue last spoke to your lips

It is craving to hear your lips come again in a foreign language

I miss the deep conversations we shared late into the early mornings

You would whisper all of your secrets to me

I swallowed every one of them to keep them safe

One day without you is agony, a few days is just pure cruelty

A fever burns throughout my body for you to quench my thirst

I want to swim in the warm pool of your nectar and dive until I touch bottom

I can only swim in the deep end of your ocean

The shallow end is too small to accommodate the depth of my penetration

The delicacy of your taste is more than enough to keep me faithful and always in love with you.



Jéan-Pierre, Dean


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