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Dreams Of A Child

We know what’s in our hearts to be true

That every once in a while

Dreams do make it beyond our thoughts

To the light of day of our everyday lives

Few of us will ever admit the truth of our heart’s desires

The fear of disappointment and rejection

Keeps us stagnant unable to dream the dreams

We once had as children and we leave our dreams behind

Only to exist and not lead the lives we once imagined

Everyday that passes a piece of who you are slowly dies

The smile you once had becomes harder to find

The loneliness that sleeps with you at nights

Now walks with you in the day

And I tell you this because I believe it to be true

Strip away the superficial,

The idea of who you should be held by others shouldn't matter

Start to be the person who lives in your dreams

Slowly, that person will be who you are.



2:20 in the pm of the day


Dean Jean-Pierre

(Not even sure why I wrote this...just wanted to write I guess. Pen to paper let the words flow and here is the result. Take it for what it is, ingest, digest it and hopefully some of it will resonate with you.)

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