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When all hope seems lost when words can’t make it better

When all you can do is cry

Loneliness surrounds you daily

And there’s no one to take the pain away

When your spirit is broken, your soul is left longing

When it seems that even God has forgotten

When it all seems impossible

You wonder if this life is worth living

Not even death could be so painful

For all the pain you’re feeling

Take some quiet time

Even if it’s in the middle of the day

Say a silent prayer for the one that you love

Reach into your heart to find that memory

The one which gives you solace

Reminds you that you are a child of God

And always in his grace

Memories have a way of quieting our most inner fears

In those moments of reminiscing

Small details once overlooked

Take on an extra special meaning

Everything moves in slow motion

Your mind is in constant rewind

Replaying that last goodbye,

Making small talk to pass the time

The embrace you wish would never end

The last kiss you can still feel its tenderness

A stranger’s voice interrupts the moment

“Last boarding call to New York”

In your face…your eyes...your vibe

I see a reflection of all the emotions tearing me apart inside

I hold on to this memory for I know

By the grace of God you will soon be with me once again




(sometime in 2001 I would guess)


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