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What A Woman Wants


Every woman wants her man to live up to the ideal
To be Prince Charming and sweep her off her feet
These men are few and far in between
But in every man exists the possibility
Of a poet, a romantic to cater to the woman that he’s with
Gestures of appreciation showing her that you care
A simple thank you for a breakfast made
A kiss for a dinner that took her hours
In the middle of the day for no apparent reason
Give her a call just to hear her voice
Tell her you love her instead of saying “me too”
No agenda is needed to show appreciation
Sometimes when she least expects it
Do something grand just for the hell of it
Women are creatures of habit
They want their men to be romantic
So kiss her the way you did when you first met
Take her breath away leaving her speechless
Massage her body naked just because she needs it
Make love to her for hours and not a few minutes
Write her a poem, a letter from your heart
Do the little things you used to do
Take it back to that special time
Before you started taking her love for granted
Get back to that time when inside you were dying
Every minute she was away from you
And only when she finally appeared would you find your breath
She was here safe and sound in your arms
Imagine your life without her and with that thought
Do all that you can to please her as she does for you
The more you give is the more you shall receive
Love is a blessing and at any minute like life
It can be taken away
So when love finds your heart again
Remember how you felt when love forgot where you lived
Embrace love with all your heart
And it will give you its heart too.

Dean Jéan-Pierre


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