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I see you lying there fast asleep

The sheets are still damp from our pleasure

There is a look on your face I’ve seen before

The smile of a woman who’s just been devoured

You leave yourself open to me

Allowing me to touch every part of who you are

My words you say they touch your heart

My kisses take your breath away and leave you faint

My touches bring such pleasurable pain

Every time I make love to you I feel the same

Don’t wake my love I will devour you as you sleep

When you feel me deep inside

Wrap your love around me don’t let go until all is quiet

We are one now I will stay here safe inside your warmth

We will dream the morning away in each other’s arms.



(This is one of the pieces I was saving for my book of poetry “Woman Worship” but I figured I’d just post one of them to give you a flavor of what’s in

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