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Do You Ever Worry


Do you ever worry

That your life hasn’t served any purpose

With so much suffering in the world today

Have you done your part no matter how small

Just a tiny voice can make a world of difference

To someone in despair

To know that someone cares for you

Can give you the will to survive

Even when you believe you have nothing to live for

Silence doesn’t mean no one is listening

Any day now the blessings you don’t see

Because you’re bogged down in the misery of your own existence

Will walk through the door and the light of God

The strength of his love shall will you to the next day

That’s the beauty of faith, unseen,

It can make you believe that at any minute life can change

Tomorrow will be a better day

Do you ever worry, that maybe

Your best isn’t good enough

And if it isn’t then what should you do next

We are all blessed with a special talent

Find yours, nurture it and give it to the world

You might never know,

If something you said touched another soul

And in return, they will touch someone too

Save another life today

That’s the beauty of giving, sharing

It creates a circle of human beings

Caring for the betterment of each other

Looking beyond your own selfish needs

And more concerned with the welfare of your fellow man

Do you ever worry

That the person you were meant to be

Died a slow death years ago and you didn’t even know

That the face staring back in the mirror is an imposter

Where have you gone? Why did you take so many years off?

Cruising through life without any purpose

Leaving your talents in the wasteland to rot

What you are blessed with is not yours to waste

What is given can easily be taken away in the space of your next breath

Keep that in mind the next time

You bemoan the fiction of your miserable existence

When there are people less fortunate than you

Who would love to be as miserable as you are someday

Keep that in mind, my friends

The next time you bitch and moan about something inconsequential.


Jéan-Pierre, Dean

1:06pm 6-24-06

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