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I Am With You



I am with you

You are never alone

When your thoughts become unbearable

The weight in your heart too heavy a burden

I am but a thought away

Joining you in prayer

When your tears won’t stop crying

When your heart won’t stop breaking

Your only wish is to forget

Erase all those memories

Pain like yours I remember

Just like it was yesterday

When you just want to sleep forever

But God isn’t ready for you yet

Make it to another day

Bridge it to another week

Sooner than you think the pain lessens

The tears fall less often

Your smile once thought lost

Will peek out like the sun on a cloudy day

And you will again walk in the grace of love

Leaving those memories to die in your past.


Dean Jean-Pierre


8:43 in the pm

( A friend is in a state of deep depression. When I spoke to her the pain of feeling lost and not knowing what to do could be heard in her crying. So I write this for her wishing I could save her, but only she can save herself.)

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