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I Speak To You in Honesty

I speak to you in honesty…


I speak to you in honesty

Aware of the possibility

Your love for me

Has slowly passed away

Like the setting of a perfect sunset

Descending beyond the horizon

There will only ever be one like it

And in its place is a feeling

Of mournful regret…but nonetheless

I love you still.

I speak to you in honesty

Losing you and everything we shared

Has been, will be, the greatest disappointment of my life

For when I took you as my wife we proclaimed to the world

That our love would endure life's ups and downs

I gave you my word of honour, my love would be faithful,

My heart would be true, these are the promises I made to you

You stood before me perfectly still in your beauty

At that moment, I knew I would love you forever

As you promised me the same

To cherish the promises that we made

With faith, hope and love on our side

We would ride off into the sunset

Make love at every morning's dawn

Never forgetting to always cherish the moments

That god has blessed us with

And indulge in the simple pleasures of life


(Written sometime in the summer of 2002)

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