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When I kiss your lips for the first time again

When I hold you in my arms for the first time again

When you tell me you love me for the first time again

Only you can somehow ease this pain

These terrible, lonely fretful nights despair ravages

Ate savagely at my sanity

It’s your love easing the pain

Couple more drinks and I’m high, walking on air

Through the fog heightened by my drunken stupor

Somehow, amazingly-everything seems clearer

Like 20/20 vision it’s the shit being under intoxication

Everything seems so much better

The pain a little less lighter

Laughter at my inadequacies comes a little easier

And when I kiss your lips for the first time again

Even if I might be inebriated,

The poignancy of the moment won’t be lost on me

Moments like these are the Kodak moments of our lives

So I revel in the sadness, the gladness

As your kiss rescues me from another night of loneliness

Before you I bow in awe of everything you are

To know that women of your caliber still exist

Gives me reason to still believe

And I thank you…I thank you.


Dean Jean-Pierre


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