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Is a headache a thought that you just can’t solve

When the answers come then all is well

It disappears and you don’t even feel when it left

You’re back to yourself and your thoughts are clear

Is happiness that feeling eluding your grasp

Until you’ve put to bed all those demons in your past

She won’t find your heart until you’ve done the work

Only then can faith and hope find its way to you

Is loneliness a weight that once it’s worn

You get comfortable in it like your favorite clothes

Even when something else better comes along

You find it hard to change into something new

Since you now inhabit that feeling and its part of you

Is regret that bitter pill you swallow every day and night

Words you can hardly even now remember

You play them in your mind over and over

And you’re the one who’s still haunted by her

While you wallow in the arms of despair

She’s somewhere happy and so much in love

Is love that dream at the end of rainbow

Our own pot gold we don’t want to share

Open your arms too wide and it might disappear

Hold it too tight and you will take its life

Let it breathe on its own and its kiss will be yours to keep

Is life that existence you’ve taken a cursory glance at

Viewed it with disdain sometimes and gone back to your shell

There’s a shade of light creeping through your armor

If you allow it past your gates

Allowing it to touch to the deepest part of your soul

Maybe you too will know God’s greatest blessings

In abundance they will come if you’re receptive

Let the light shine through

Feel the warmth of love living inside of you.


Dean Jéan-Pierre



(This work is copyrighted)

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