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I Wonder


Everyday now I wonder about the choices I have made

I can’t seem to let go of my past mistakes

The people I’ve hurt are they now forever changed

I have nightmares during the course of the day

Is this a consequence of playing Russian roulette

With one too many hearts

Far too many tears have fallen at my feet

And answers now don’t come so readily

Time is moving swiftly and it would be nice to have a history

Someone who could say remember when

We did so and so and you would go ‘oh yeah’

The thought of being old and alone is not a comforting thought

The idea of settling now is far less enticing

And am I asking for too much?

And should being a good person be good enough?

It counts for a lot and for some that’s all they would need

Me, I need the view from the mountaintop

I’ve seen the view and I know how it feels

It’s like when you’re out of breath and can barely breathe

You feel the strength of your heart leaping out your chest

And in that moment you don’t even care,

The love of your life is finally here

Who’s to say anyone’s wrong for following his or her heart

It’s a journey when looked back upon

Many angry words and broken promises will be remembered

That’s a legacy I don’t want to always ponder

The choices I’ve made leaves a lot of room for me to wonder.


Dean Jean-Pierre



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