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Rising Sun (erotica)

I want to rise slowly inside of you like the sun

 Filled with aspirations of losing myself deep inside your night

My cravings for you have been fully aroused

By the seductive passion of your words

Every syllable born of your seductive tongue

Incites my imagination to find the secret pleasures that lay hidden

Waiting to be discovered in the wet folds of your skin

A soft sigh whispers from my lips

At just a glimpse of you in a state of undress

The slight upward turn of your breasts

Fits my palms perfectly as if created just for me

They speak to my heart's desire

To slowly lose myself inside of you

Free you of all your inhibitions

I want to steal your innocence

Give you back love in abundance

Make you feel things you didn’t know were possible

Again and again, I want to rise and set

In every corner of your sensual being

Filling the shadows of your sweetest darkness

Color them with strokes of deep red, orange and all the scents of passion

Like a full moon meeting a beautiful sunset

I want our time spent to be nothing short of spectacular

So when remembered in the twilight of life

Shivers of reminisce will explode throughout our consciousness.


Jean-Pierre, Dean

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