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There are days

When the sheer weight of loneliness and depression can overwhelm your soul

Feels as if you’re submerged underwater and a thousand pound stone is on your back

It’s heavier than the weight of expectation and potential so casually tossed around

Another breath would surely be the death of you

But hope finds us when we are at our most despondent

When we have seemingly hit rock bottom

Is only when your life situation gains some clarity

Only then do we allow God entry

When we should have been open all along

But God keeps no records of rights and wrongs

He is always there in your hour of need

He will stay long after that need is gone

That stone once so heavy will soon be only a memory

The power of prayer so quietly performed

Is the work of God performing miracles in the background

Just another day in the omnipotence of God.


Dean Jean-Pierre

1:54 in the am


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