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The Beauty of Who You Once Were

Everything you are can’t be hidden
The mask you portray is a mirror
That can easily be read like the blind reading Braille
To touch you, one would feel all the hurt inside your heart
That you so easily hide but you glide through your days
With that smile so disarming it’s mistaken for charming
You no longer know who you are
You’re a child lost in a world of dysfunctional adults
An innocent soul corrupted by a false ego that led you astray
The path back to righteousness isn’t so easily bought
Everything you once were is seen in the faces of innocent children
Laughter so haunting it pierces the dark corners of your soul
In the middle of nowhere you fall to your knees
Beg the Lord God for forgiveness p

And tears stream down your face unashamed
The barren soil beneath you soaks up your pain
The beauty that once lived in you will make this ground fertile
Flowers of every color spring forth born of the dreams from your heart
The ones who will come after will enjoy
The beauty of who you once were.

Jéan-Pierre, Dean

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