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The Essence of Who We Are


we never truly know what lives in a person's heart
what goes to the essence of who they truly are
the hopes and fears  they take to bed every night
and wakes with them every single  night and day
what  we do we see, is  the characters they've become
played over and over  through the years
It's now second nature and donned with relative ease
each of us in our way plays our small part
because it's what  is expected of us from family to friends
how many of us can honestly say that we've paused for a moment
given thought  to our neighbor, co-worker or any stranger
with the sincerest of intent ask them "how is your life?"
how many of us truly care , just for the sake of compassion
that we would actually sit down, take a break from our problems
give your undivided attention and just listen
If we allow ourselves, even if  it's a one time  show of humanity
to put yourself  in another man's shoes
look at life through his eyes and see his daily struggles
can you now see him as a person?
do U now...if even for a fleeting moment, take pause
do U now see that we're all in this together
that even the stranger U pass everyday
the bagelman  who butters your bagel every morning for the past year
the fruitman on the corner who says you’re his best customer
the waitress who knows just how U like your coffee
-three sugars no cream, it's always the same
-do U even know their name?
the essence of who we are
gets lost in the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life
It seems that only in times of great tragedy we stand up and take notice
of just how fragile this existence can be
In the blink of an eye the one U love can be lost
the things you put off until tomorrow and tomorrow never comes
the friend you haven't spoken to in years
accidentally through the grapevine U heard  he died of Aids
where were you to bury your childhood buddy?
and I know it seems in the whirlwind of everyday happenings
we get caught up in the drama of our own lives
we always believe that with tomorrow in the future
there's always time to say or do what should be said or done today
life isn't on your time, it keeps its own schedule
there's no rhyme or reason  as to why things happen
they just do...
the essence of who we are  isn't always determined
years pass before we sometimes know
the truth which dwells within our hearts
the voice of conscience  will never desert you
In your travels through this life take a moment, I know it can be hectic sometimes
indulge yourself in some quiet time
to find out the essence of who you are...


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