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Vibing With God

Tonight I feel as if I am walking with God
For the first time in a while I feel as if we can talk
He listens, laughs at my attempts at humor
He’s more human than I originally thought
A sort of casual air of confidence not overbearingly so
Inhabits the air he commands and a line is drawn that I cannot cross
There are some things I just need to know
So I throw caution to the wind and vibe with God
Your father loves you he says and wishes you loved yourself
He wants you to know with every tear you’ve shed
He’s cried a river for you and it’s still constantly overflowing
Every success you’ve enjoyed he couldn’t be prouder
He wants you to know he still loves your mother
And even if you don’t always agree with your brother you should love him too
God was on a roll and who I am to interrupt God
We stopped for coffee all he had was water
Of course he would have water, a drink of purity
Can’t imagine God drinking coffee
An audience with God, a chance to speak the questions of my heart
Give voice to the thoughts that have consumed me for years
He listens as I rant and rave about the injustices of the world today
From the poor of the world suffering each and everyday
Never knowing if today will be the day God smiles on them
If we’re all his children created in his image
Then we’re all equally deserving of his love
And yet, so many of us suffer but their belief in God never wavers
To question God in his presence would seem to be tempting faith
But for the masses who wait for his compassion they are deserving of an answer
Why seemingly their prayers have gone unheard so I wait
God in all his wisdom takes me by the hand and through his eyes
I see the world with a new perspective as his love courses through my soul
The stories of his children all their happiness and sorrows come streaming through
 The feeling is overwhelming and it’s quite telling, I can’t stop crying
After seeing what God feels everyday only he wouldn’t be a basket case
His love for us is profoundly touching
And I feel undeserving of such a perfect love only a parent could understand
Every prayer, every tear, every smile and every sorrow is felt by him
God is the Father who’s always watching over all of us
Worrying when we stumble, proud when we find our way
And I know there are times he says to me
When it seems like the world is spinning out of control
And you wonder like so many others when will the suffering end
Why must so many endure such unspeakable horrors
I say this to you let my words resonate in your heart
Let it be your guiding light when you again run low on faith
My love for all my children is in their every breath I give them life
Not a day goes by you are not close to my heart and I’m touching your spirit
You’re all filled with my love but somehow it gets lost
And the world I imagined is filled with such suffering, but with each pain a heart feels
There is joy being experienced in another human being
For those who have suffered I cradle them every night as they sleep
Replenishing their souls, renewing their hope that today will be better
The God of all Things smiled at me and I was alone again
But we’re never alone; God lives in the silence of our thoughts,
In the prayers we send every night he is listening
The words that I write are his words coming to life
Where there is faith, hope and love
You will find God waiting for you with open arms.


Dean Jean-Pierre

9-14-05, 4:42 in the pm

( I enjoyed writing this piece. It was cathartic as I walked with him and he showed me the way…cool.)


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