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Pussy Whipped By A Pretty Young Thing (Short Story)

Pussy Whipped By A Pretty Young Thing

The heat came in waves and threatened to overwhelm everyone in the Bronx on this humid evening in the middle of summer. It was so hot outside that it felt like summer was in the midst of a gigantic throbbing orgasm. When it erupted, everything in its path would be submerged in its release of heat.
 Even though Latisha was born in Trinidad, which is a small island in the Caribbean, she didn’t care much for the heat and was paying the price for it right now. The last thing anyone should be doing when the temperature hits one hundred degrees is have sex, but you’ve never seen Latisha. She was built to have sex. Her body was a walking billboard to stimulate an erection, and every time her steadiest customer of six months, Lion, saw her—an instant erection roared in his pants, and he ached to plunge it into the valley of her darkness to kiss her dark mistress. Lion had never known a girl like Latisha who could take his breath away just by looking at her, and in the very next breath-he despised her with venom that surprised even him. He would never let her know the true depths of his conflicted feelings because in her words, ‘they were just kicking it’ for the summer. He loved and hated her with such strong conviction that he knew, eventually, the day would come when what they shared would end badly. Every day, he cursed the fact that he was so whipped for her and unable to resist the power of the pussy. Walk away, he would repeatedly tell himself as he would walk to her apartment, but his feet kept walking towards what he knew was waiting for him behind the doors of apartment 12F. He had heard about guys who were so under the influence of a sweet pussy that everything else in their life was forgotten. Pussy is pussy was his way of thinking before Latisha. Some are hairy, some are bald, some are loose, some are tight, but the one singular truth about a pussy, was that once a man put his dick inside of its sweet mouth, an orgasm would soon follow. That was the job of a pussy and nothing else. But now, Lion had come face to face with what men called Voodoo Pussy. Latisha’s pussy spoke to Lion and it damn near drove him crazy. The sensation of being sucked inside of her and having his cock stroked and teased by her pussy muscles left him speechless for words. Lion felt like he was the woman being fucked and he was sometimes left whimpering and begging for her to stop sucking his dick. The girl was a Hoover. Driving home, he would replay every sweet stroke of her loving and his cock would rise again like a valiant stricken warrior. At the stoplight, he would quickly unzip his pants, whip out his cock and masturbate feverishly before the light turned green. Hysterically, he would laugh to himself as he drove off because at some point, a man has to admit to himself that he’s pussy whipped and that he’s now the bitch in the relationship. Simultaneously both of their cell phones vibrated effectively ending their afternoon tryst.
 It was his wife texting him asking if he was still at the gym.
 It was her husband calling her from the road.
He was a truck driver and on the road at least five days a week. That left his pretty young wife with way too much time on her hands to get into trouble. A hot body, immature mind, money to burn and a neglected young wet pussy all added up to trouble. His voice had become familiar to Lion by now so he stayed quiet like a well-trained child in the bed next to her. He kissed her ass, rolled over and quickly texted his wife that he and the boys would play a few more games of basketball, then get some drinks before coming home. Latisha had gotten up to use the bathroom and he could hear her purring on the phone to the man she always called “Daddy”. Even in normal conversation, her voice oozed of sexuality. Everything she said sounded like a come on, or she was asking to be fucked. Lion could understand why her husband would call her four and five times a day to make sure that some guy wasn’t enjoying his pussy that he paid for. Daddy, it’s your pussy she would always say. Melissa (that’s the name her husband had given to her pussy) only gets wet for her daddy she would coo to him on the phone. She was saying all this to him as she was bent over the kitchen sink with Lion’s cock buried deep inside of her pussy. The poor bastard always ate it all up, and by this time she always had him on speakerphone. Lion’s cock dripped with Latisha’s pussy juice and each stroke would just make her wetter and hungrier for more of a dick down. I love you so much baby and would do anything for you Latisha’s husband would continue telling her as Lion fucked his pretty young wife. The poor bastard would continue to blabber on over the speakerphone as his wife got fucked like a cheap whore at a Motel 6. Your pussy misses you daddy she would purr to him. I’m touching it for you, she would tell him. She screamed in ecstasy as Lion’s cock grooved her spot. Her poor bastard husband smiles to himself as he’s driving, and he’s thinking that his baby misses him so much. The dishonesty that mind-altering sex will make you perpetrate leaves you ashamed to be born, but the very next day comes, and you repeat your abhorrent deviant behavior all over again without a second thought. The lure of the pussy is an addiction that even the most moral man finds it hard to walk away from. It’s during those times that you see yourself for who you are and all your fallibilities as a human being, a man, a father and a husband. Guilt will envelop you later when your daughters tell you they love you, and you know that you’ve put their future security at risk by cheating on their mother. Guilt will later wrap her cold hands around your throat, heart, mind and soul because your trusting wife has dinner waiting for you when you walk through the door. Guilt will own your sorry ass, but pussy is your master. Pussy trumps guilt—every time.
  She enters the room again and winks at Lion. He’s lying on his back, legs open and arms behind his head. Another man’s bed feels like his own. For a second, he imagines them together in bed doing what a husband and wife do in the privacy of their bedroom. He wonders if she screams for him in the same animal way she does for him. Does she suck her Daddy’s dick with the same hunger that she does his?  And drink his juices with the same rabid lust as if her throat is parched for Cum Juice?  The thoughts begin to disturb him, and he knows by experience that in a few minutes it will put him in a foul mood. Pre-emptive measures are taken and Lion reaches between his legs and absentmindedly brings his limp cock back to life. A few seconds of glimpsing Latisha’s body would make even a man suffering from a dead dick (erectile dysfunction) get an erection so stiff that it would drain all the blood from his body causing his brain to shut down. Lion’s eyes followed Latisha as she walked back and forth in the bedroom. Her beauty filled the room and seemed to suck all the air out of it. The same dizziness he felt whenever her lips were wrapped around his erection overtook him now. He knew enough about women to know that even though there would always be more women through the course of your life, when you’re lucky enough to meet one of them who has the secret cure for erectile dysfunction, she’s a keeper.
 At twenty-two, Latisha was immature and spoiled. Lion, who was forty-five was far too old to be chasing such a young skirt, but when he caught his first whiff of Latisha walking by him in the supermarket; he ran into the shopper ahead of him. She giggled at the sight of an embarrassed Lion, who was profusely apologizing to the shopper ahead of him. He took this as a cue that she wasn’t opposed to conversation. He noticed the wedding ring, but that never stopped him before. Married women, from his experience were more in need of attention than single women. Single men ignored them mostly because they assumed that they were off limits. Their husbands didn’t pay much attention to them and were probably off cheating, or had taken up different interests to entertain them and couldn’t care less what their wives did as long as they didn’t know about it. Latisha’s ass was damn near busting out of her Apple Bottom jeans and standing there with her in the fruit aisle, Lion imagined how it would feel to squeeze her ass between his hands. Her weave flowed down her back, and she sashayed as if it was all her own. She couldn’t be more than 5’2 and about 150 well-shaped pounds. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that a lot of her weight was amply set in her behind. Her 38D were caged in a bra that was ill equipped to handle them. Lion allowed himself the momentary thought of licking her breasts and sucking on her protruding nipples like a newborn baby. He inhaled the heat that was radiating off his body and their eyes locked in an exchange that transcended anything Lion had ever felt before. No matter the consequences, he had to have her. Sometimes, you make up your mind to do something and even if you know the outcome of your venture, nothing will deter you from moving forward with your plan. In the next few weeks, they were inseparable. Lion made every conceivable and sometimes downright dangerous excuses to spend time with Latisha. When he was with her, everything about his life, family stress, was instantly forgotten. She was the drug that made him happy. Happiness born of an illicit affair will eventually cause someone pain. It is the law of the universe to weed out bad behavior. There’s always a price to pay.
 Latisha slid into bed next to Lion and lay down on her stomach, while still speaking to her husband on her cell phone. Her end of the conversation was now reduced to one word bored responses. She needed a picker upper to get her back to that state of mind where her aura vibrated sexuality. Lion rolled out of bed and snuck up behind her. Her chin cupped in her left palm, ass levitated in the air, as if she was riding a motorcycle, gave Lion a full view of her beautifully shaved #d3aa8a pussy from the back. Lion licked his lips the way LL Cool J did in his videos. But before he allowed himself the pleasure of sucking on her sweet honey nectar, he wanted to tease her body until she felt like she was exploding like fireworks from the inside. Lion was a man of considerable talents, and he knew that a young girl like Latisha had never experienced a man like him, who possessed such a vast knowledge of the female anatomy.    
Her feet were small, size six and each toe was perfectly manicured with red toenail polish. Lion grasped her right ankle with his left hand, and used his free hand to hold her foot steady. He licked his lips, swirled his tongue around her toe and sucked it slowly. The sudden sensation of his wet lips sent shivers through Latisha’s sex starved body, and she shuddered with pleasure. A low moan of caged pain whispered from her lips, but her husband was none the wiser on the other end of the conversation. He thought she was masturbating for him, and an erection grew in his pants. Whose pussy is it he kept asking her?  It’s my pussy stupid motherfucker, Lion thought to himself. It’s your sweet pussy daddy she moaned into her cell phone as Lion’s tongue worked its way up to her inner thigh. Latisha was a gusher and with Lion, she would spring a leak every time he touched her body. His touch felt like fire burning into her soft dark skin. He was branding her every time they had sex and even though she would never admit it to him, she craved his cock so much that her pussy was constantly wet. She had heard other women reminisce about dick being so good that it could leave a straight-legged woman with bowlegs. Latisha’s legs were completely open to anything Lion wanted to insert into her. She would be anything he wanted her to be. He could have her anywhere, anytime and every hole that he wanted would be available for his entry.
 Freshly made honey nectar streamed down Latisha’s inner thighs like maple syrup flowing from a tree. Lion’s lips glistened with her nectar and without hesitating, he plunged his erect tongue deep into the spring that brought forth this heaven sent nectar. Latisha’s knees buckled and her face crashed into her cell phone as her face hit the pillow. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her body, and she instinctively opened her legs wider to allow Lion full access to her pussy. The heat emanating from her vagina was so intense that any attempt by Lion to penetrate her would result in third degree burns to his cock. Latisha pounded her wet pussy into Lion’s face like a horse kicking on its hind legs, and his tongue sought deeper refuge inside of her sweetness. Every part of his face: nose, lips, chin and forehead acted as extra stimulant, which drove Latisha to a new state of arousal. She didn’t care about anything else right now, expect for Lion to fuck her the way her husband never could. This wasn’t his pussy. This was Lion’s pussy.
 Lion grabbed her ass roughly, bit each cheek deeply, causing Latisha to cry out in pain. The sound of his wife’s arousal over the telephone brought a smile to his face, and he couldn’t wait to hear her scream as she climaxed from masturbating. The sound of his wife in the throes of passion would often give him chills to know that he was the cause of such pleasure.
 Latisha writhed in pain, but Lion’s face buried in her pussy kept her steady. Her pussy pulsated from an angry headache that would only subside once Lion pump fucked her into submission. She reached behind her back with her right hand, her face still buried in her pillow, which now was drenched with their sex sweat. A few grabs came up empty, and then she felt it, Lion’s enormous cock filled her tiny hand. She felt its smooth texture and angry veins filled with horny blood vibrated against her fingers. Latisha guided Lion’s heat seeking dick down missile to her wet pussy hole and allowed him to part her sweetness without any further assistance.
 The girth of his mushroom cock head stretched open her tight fisted pussy, and streams of pussy nectar burst free from her ripened pussy lips to wet his cock as he pump fucked her deeper and deeper into submission. Forgetting completely that her husband was on the other line, Latisha screamed for the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost for this pleasure never to end. Each stroke of Lion’s cock brought forth another flood of orgasm nectar from Latisha’s screaming pussy. Her husband almost lost control of his truck when her piercing screams filled his ears. He couldn’t wait to get home the next day to fuck his beautiful young wife. He shook his head, smiled to himself, at just how unbelievably lucky he had been to find her. Between gasps of breaths, Latisha told her husband that she was about to take a shower to wash away all her cum. Then she turned her phone off and went back to the pleasure at hand.
 Lion knew that a few more swift, hard, deep strokes would send Latisha over the edge and send her body into convulsions. Their bodies were drenched in sweat and the sheets were wet from her multiple orgasms and sweat that was dripping from his body. Latisha couldn’t imagine ever giving up this sweet dick, and for a brief second, she had a crazy thought about harming Lion’s wife. Just before that thought could be completed, Lion hit her sweet, tender spot and she lost her damn mind. She was swimming in dick and that last deep thrust sent her to that place where the best orgasms are waiting impatiently to be released by a cock that’s deserving of a magnificent waterfall of sweetly marinated pussy nectar. She arched her back and slammed her ass into his throbbing cock. His ten inches shot through her like a diver through water. The sheer force of his thrust released both their orgasms simultaneously, and thousands of needle-like injections infused her body with electric energy. Fearless, Lion went along for the ride and moaned in ecstasy as he deposited every drop of available cum inside of Latisha’s pussy. Her pussy muscles massaged him dry. Lion tapped her ass a few times to let her know that his cock was too sensitive, but Latisha ignored him. She loved it when he begged her stop. It made her feel all powerful because guys are always talking shit about how they dick their women down, but Latisha knew that she had that sweet island pussy that radiated sunshine. They collapsed on the wet sheets, not even caring that they were laying down in cold cum.
 Daylight was quickly receding and darkness approaching. It was time for Lion to go home, and he always found it difficult to leave Latisha alone in bed. He turned to her, and put his arms around her. Latisha buried her face in Lion’s chest and kissed a few loose strands of hair and closed her eyes. She wished he didn’t have to go home to his wife, and could at least spend one full night with her. Lion heard her sigh as her hot breath warmed his chest and heart.
 In a few minutes, he would have to leave so he savored every second until the next time they could be together again. Latisha fell asleep in his arms and Lion lay there motionless, listening to the soft, comforting sound of her breathing.






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