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One Sultry Summer Morning (Short Story)

One Sultry Summer Morning

Her naked body framed the open window of her bedroom, and in the stillness of early morning sunlight, Nicole looked like a beautiful painting. Rays of sunlight kissed her nipples and caressed her breasts with its warmth. She felt as if she was floating in her own erotic dream and didn’t want it to end. The early morning summer breeze whistled through her long reddish hair, and her eyelids fluttered closed as she took in the beauty of another beautiful summer morning. She stood there unaware that innocent eyes were studying, devouring every nuance of her body that was personally sculpted by the hands of God. God wasn’t resting on the seventh day. He was instead finishing up this masterpiece of a human specimen. He was carving the most perfect breasts, legs, ass, face and lips that were ever put together on a woman. Her name would be Nicole Bridgewater.
 The summer season was always her favorite time of the year. While others were busy engaging in road rage on the highways, trains and buses, Nicole was relaxing in her daily 9am bubble bath and drinking a cup of green tea. One of the perks of being a high school teacher was having the entire summer off to travel, sleep late, read or just do nothing all day. The windows and curtains of her apartment were drawn open to allow the sun to flood its light everywhere as she did everything in the nude from reading to cooking. Having to dress conservatively during the school year always left her feeling much older than twenty-nine, but summer released the beautiful woman that lay dormant for those nine months.
 Droplets of water formed a crooked line on the wooden floor from her bathroom to the open window and white linen curtains where she now stood. An early morning breeze, not yet warmed by the summer’s sun sent a slight shiver of excitement through Nicole’s body. Her nipples stirred from their sleep and perked to attention. It had been too long since a man sucked and licked them until she begged him to stop. They were the most sensitive part of her body. It wouldn’t be long until the sun rose above her neighbor’s houses, to peek through the trees and find her waiting for her morning touch of warmth. The trees in her backyard completely blocked out anyone from seeing her, or so she thought as she walked out onto the terrace from her bedroom. Thinking that she was alone and away from the prying eyes of her neighbors, Nicole spread out a blanket on her terrace and laid down on her back as if she was making a snow angel. The warm hands of an early morning sun slowly massaged away the stress of a difficult school year. In no time at all, she drifted off to sleep fully exposed to the eyes of nature and a horny Dennis Mason.
 Every day for the past two weeks, Dennis had been coming up to the attic to watch Miss Bridgewater bask in rays of early morning sunshine. He had discovered by accident while putting away some boxes of clothes for his mom that the attic window looked directly into Miss Bridgewater’s bedroom window and patio. The trees weren’t high enough to block out the attic so his view was unobstructed. At first, he felt like a pervert but he couldn’t turn away from what he was seeing, Miss Bridgewater, the fantasy of every boy in his class. All the boys in his 12th grade English drooled over Miss Bridgewater when she taught class. Twenty eager penises would rise to attention and twenty sets of hungry, lustful eyes watched her every move as she wrote on the #d3aa8aboard. Her ass might as well have been a pendulum swinging on the #d3aa8aboard beckoning all the boys to lust at her ample derriere and gaze at it in amazement. Miss Bridgewater dressed conservatively, but any horny teenage boy could see that underneath her plain looking business suits was a body of a porn star. She tried to play down her hotness, but when you’re hot-you’re hot. A woman can’t just hide her sexuality behind thick glasses and a business suit. Even as a young girl, Nichol had had this effect on men. Whenever she came around, it was as if her mere presence had pressed their libidos into turbo overdrive. Her long red hair and sensuous full lips seemed to make the men around her think that everything she said to them was a flirtatious gesture. Her hair naturally moved to and fro as she spoke and her lips made all men desire a blowjob. When she walked away, she knew that every single eye close enough was trying to bore a hole through her pants and underwear to discover the secrets that would make her scream their names and take ownership of her sweet tight pussy.
All of Miss Bridgewater’s students looked forward to Friday because it was dress down day for teachers, and she would always wear a sheer dress. The classroom would usually be bathed in noonday sunlight, and sometimes the glare was so extreme it seemed to melt her dress from her body. She would sometimes venture to the window as they wrote down the lesson plans or did a test and just stare out into space. These were the best moments because it would be Showtime. Sunlight would slice through her dress exposing her honey colored thighs, and a sliver of sunlight would illuminate the open space between her thighs that were barely covered by the floss-like thong that she had taken to wearing only on Fridays. The sexual heat in the classroom was as palpable as a heartbeat in a quiet dark room. She could hear whispering behind her back in hushed tones and imagined twenty young necks craning to get a closer look of what they could only dream of seeing in a masturbatory dream. She always felt a little guilty for intensifying their sexual frustration, but she rationalized her actions by taking comfort that since it was an all boys Catholic school, that she was doing them a favor since they were denied the company of girls their own age. Chairs would screech, voluntary whiplash would be induced as she would turn back to face her class and everyone would pretend to be reading. Only one boy had the courage to continue staring at her with lust in his eyes. It gave Nicole Bridgewater goose bumps that a seventeen-year-old boy could be so bold. If the others had been looking, they would have seen how flushed she would get, and the heat rising behind her thong was enough to set her cotton dress on fire. Dennis Mason would be a heartbreaker when he got older, but for now, she promised herself that she wouldn’t cross the line between teacher and student. But every once in a while, she would discreetly observe him during class and sometimes would sit in her car slumped down in her seat to watch him play basketball. The court was about 50 feet away from where she was parked so she had a pretty good view of a sweating Dennis running up and down, shirtless and in basketball shorts. He was a beautiful boy with unruly brown hair that swirled around his face as he bounced the basketball like a yo-yo up and down the court. Sweat poured down his face, his chest and into his crotch. The highlight of all this exertion was when he would double over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath, and his shorts would slide down an inch or two to give her a glimpse of his sweet young ass. It took all of Nichol’s strength not to run out to the middle of the court and pull his shorts down to reveal his perfect young body. She was sure that his penis was just pulsating for some pussy action and would be only too happy to fill the young hot crotch of his English teacher. If only Dennis Mason would approach her as someone other than his teacher, Miss Bridgewater would part the fleshy pink flower of her vagina and let him release all of his built up lust pent up energy inside of her. She would let her flower fold around his young hard cock and keep him prisoner there until she begged him to stop. Such thoughts of young Dennis would leave Nicole Bridgewater with soaked panties, a throbbing clit and nowhere to release her sexual frustrations. Young Dennis had an eager pussy just waiting for him to find his way into her soft lips. Would he get there in time to claim what was his for the taking or would another man taste the heated flesh of Nichol that yearned for young Dennis?
The weather had been unpredictable for the last two weeks and a sudden gust of intense wind tossed the trees back and forth, broke branches and created a gaping hole directly from the Mason’s house into Nicole’s terrace. She awoke to find leaves swirling in the air and the attic of her neighbors across the street in full view. The eyes of a young boy were staring intently at her naked body. She met his gaze and recognized his eyes. It was her student, Dennis Mason. Her first instinct as his teacher should have a feeling of abject embarrassment that would have caused her to bolt inside away from his hungry curious eyes, but instead, she rose slowly to her feet to give him a full look at what was waiting for him at 1245 Monroe Street. Desire unlike anything he had ever known stirred hot and erect in Dennis’ gym shorts. He had been with girls his age before and they hadn’t satisfied him in the way he had hoped. Something was always missing. He had that need to go the edge and see what was on the other side, but they were always content not to push their boundaries, even though the next day, they would brag to anyone who would listen that making love was better than movie lovemaking. Dennis had grown bored of their inexperience and shortly after entering Miss Bridgewater’s class; he had fallen for her harder than he would ever fall for any woman. Unknown to her, he watched her in moments when she thought she was alone. She seemed less certain of herself when she walked the halls on her way to the teachers’ lounge or the library. It seemed to him that her beauty was a burden and she wished to shed herself of it. All Dennis wanted to do was to kiss every undiscovered inch of Miss Bridgewater’s perfect body. He was always the last one to leave class and would usually have to take his shirt out of his pants in order to hide his erection.
Everything was a reddish color. Her hair was red. Her lips were the color of flushed cheeks and strawberries. Her legs were slightly spread apart, which was an invitation for entry if there ever was one and revealed a shocking bush of rose colored pubic hair. He instantly thought of running his hand through it, much the same way one would run fingers through a woman’s hair. She follows his gaze already knowing that his body is on fire and flaming red hot like the hair adorning her body. He fears that if he blinks that she might disappear. So he forces himself to keep his eyes open no matter how much they burn him right now. Any pain he might feel right now will be worth every second of watching Miss Bridgewater completely naked on her patio. This is the stuff of dreams that never come true, but this dream is all too real and sexy.
A warm summer rain begins to fall and because a man hadn’t touched Nicole in almost a year her body has the illusion of giving off steam. Rain streams down her face and she tilts her head upwards to taste its freshness. She twirls around slowly to give Dennis a full view of what was waiting for him across the street. Her ass is more beautiful than he could have hoped for after hours of staring at it as she wrote on the #d3aa8aboard. He can see himself kissing each cheek and softly biting into them, the same way he would bite into a succulent fruit. He finds it difficult to swallow, breath and stare at the same time. Their eyes meet again and Miss Bridgewater mouths the words that Dennis has been dying to hear. In a flash, he runs down the stairs from the attic and crosses the street without even looking. Her front door is partially open and he steps inside.
There are candles everywhere. He didn’t know that people burnt candles in the morning, but Miss Bridgewater isn’t just anyone. She was waiting upstairs for him and each step he takes closer to her is filled with excitement and terror. He feels cold sweat trickle down between his groin and run down his legs. There are a few rooms upstairs and only one door is open. A few feet away is his hot, naked teacher who is waiting for him. For what seems like an eternity, Dennis stops and briefly contemplates fleeing back to his bedroom, but he knows this is an opportunity of a lifetime. How many boys actually get to fuck their teachers?
She hears the front door open downstairs and fear rises in her, but it’s too late to stop what was put in motion months ago. It’s been a long seductive dance between the two of them and there would be no turning back right now. She’s the more experienced one but she feels like a schoolgirl about to lose her virginity. Should she stay outside in the rain, jump in bed under the covers or just walk towards him and let him take her in a fit of passion?  Before she can decide on what to do; her bedroom door swung open and Dennis walks in. The moment is upon them and reacting to their hunger to feed on each other’s flesh, Nicole and Dennis begin their walk in each other’s arms.
His heart feels as if it could leap out of his chest like a fish jumping through the air and back into the water. He doesn’t know if he should for her to make the first move, but instincts take over and their lips meet in a hot, intense kiss. He knows what to do and what she wants him to do to her. They are not teacher and student, but instead a man and a woman ready to do whatever it takes in search of pleasure. She didn’t expect him to be so bold for a boy this age, but boys of today are particularly men by the time they are eighteen. His kisses remind her of taking a hot shower; the moment when scalding heat touches your skin and your body goes into sudden shock. Tingles of erotic sensations shoots through every single pore in her body when their lips meet and she gets her first taste of what she’s been dreaming about for the entire school year. She slows down the moment in her mind:  remembering how he smelled, how fast and powerful both their hearts were beating and the electricity that ran through her body when he sucked on her lips. When the moment is over, she wants to be able to recall every single second of what they shared today.
Her skin against his skin feels like he’s on fire being burned over an open flame. His erection pulsates against her shaved crotch and he is at once strengthened and weakened by being so close to a woman as beautiful as Miss Bridgewater. Her scent is intoxicating and she smells like a garden bursting with life on the first of spring. He inhales her deeply and it only makes his erection harder, more urgent to part the folds of her pussy and release months of wet dreams about her.
“I can’t believe I’m here in your bedroom,” he exclaims in between gasps of breaths as he kisses her again.
“I’ve been waiting for you to come and take what’s yours. No more talking. Let your body speak for you. Let it tell me what you want and I will do whatever you say.”  Dennis’ cock throbs with pain and in need of a soft place to land. Nicole guides him to her bed, and the sheets are warm and white against his skin. It’s soft and cool against his ass, but there’s a fire raging in his cock that only be extinguished inside of Miss Bridgewater’s pussy and mouth. He’s unsure of what to do next so he just lays there on his back, propped up on his elbows with his cock swaying back and forth to its own music. His eyes are transfixed on Miss Bridgewater as she approaches him and gets down on her knees. The Disney theme song played in Dennis’ mind about fairytales coming true. This was definitely a fairytale come true to have Miss Bridgewater on her knees.
Nicole knows what she wants. This scene has played in her mind thousands of times before, and Dennis’ cock looked as delicious as she hoped it would look. The boy had no idea of how horny and hungry she was for his cock. Drips of warm cum escaped her full pussy lips and slid down her inner thighs, but she wasn’t ready for his cock as yet. That pleasure would have to wait for just a little while longer. She wanted to wait for the last possible second before she felt his dick instead of her, and let the sensations of his penetration take her to a place that only had been achieved in her imagination. She gave his chest a soft push and his elbows collapsed behind so he could lay flat on his back. His cock pulsated from starvation. It needed a set of wet lips wrapped around its head before it would erupt on its own from neglect. Her red hair swept across Dennis’ stomach and Nicole bent her head between his legs, right below his balls. She inhaled its musty sweaty scent and groaned to herself with pleasure. Her pussy muscles convulsed together to stem the follow of her juices, but a few drips seeped out and fell onto the white carpet.
Her pink tongue slid smoothly and hungrily between her wet lips as she licked the base of his balls. A shiver of anticipation ran wildly through Dennis’ body as he braced for the pleasure that was sure to come. Nicole slowly ran her tongue up the full length of his ten-inch cock and without hesitation sucked on his dick head like a baby sucking the shit out of a pacifier. The sensation caused Dennis to lurch upward, but Nicole had her arms wrapped around his legs so she used her leverage to push him back down on the bed. She was in control and would only let him go when she was through with him. The head of his cock throbbed in her throat, and she expertly took a slow gulp of air allowing her throat muscles to compress around it. For as long as Dennis lived, no woman would ever make love to his cock so completely as Miss Bridgewater. She relished sucking his cock. It was as if his cock had the secret to life, and until she unlocked the mysteries somehow buried in his cock head then her life would seemingly be incomplete.
He felt embarrassed at how much he was moaning, but every time he moaned, Miss Bridgewater would suck his cock even harder. It wouldn’t be long until he was unable to hold back the eruption of cum lava bubbling in his scrotum and ready to launch an assault into the heat of Miss Bridgewater’s salivating mouth. Sensing that young Dennis was about to release his pent-up teenage lust into her hungry mouth, Nicole reluctantly released him and climbed onto the bed.
The heat emanating from Miss Bridgewater’s pussy scorched Dennis’ pubic hair, and he was almost crazy with lust to slide his erection into her fire. But he knew that this was her show, and all he could do was just wait impatiently for her to allow him entry into her smoldering pussy. Her entire body felt as if it was literally on fire and an explosion would ensue when she had an orgasm. He had the sudden sensation of passing his hands over an open flame and allowing the heat to be absorbed into his skin. Soon his throbbing erection would be absorbed deep inside of Miss Bridgewater’s thirsty sweetness.
She hovered above him:  her hands planted squarely on both sides of his head, her breasts swaying hypnotically, inches away from his delicious red lips. Nicole lowered her breasts closer to his face and Dennis’ breath hot with desire cascaded over her breasts kissing her nipples ever so softly. The sensation of heat sent tremors through her body, and she fed Dennis her right nipple and caressed her left breast with her left hand simultaneously. Hungrily, Dennis sucked on Nicole’s throbbing nipple as if he hadn’t eaten in days. Nicole’s enflamed body straddled Dennis’ lower chest and each time he sucked on her nipple, she would slide down lower until she felt his cock thumping gently between her ass cheeks like the soft knocking of knuckles against a door. This door was ready to be opened, entered and filled with the heat of Dennis’ young cock. Nicole would allow him the pleasure of what so many men had sought, but she had saved it just for him. A boy, who was still learning the power of his sexuality, but she instinctually sensed that his innocence would make him hungrier and more determined to please her. Men her age would likely forget her because they had already been with numerous women and a pussy was a pussy to them. But to Dennis, her pussy would be the first one that his cock would ever taste, and Nicole would make it a night he would never forget it. All pussies after hers would pale in comparison. Her pussy would be the standard by which Dennis would judge all other pussies. The thought of Dennis craving her long after this encounter and into his adult life made Nicole even wetter, and her need to feel the sticky wetness of his manhood merge into her wetness made her smile. She looked down on him and his eyes were closed. His face writhed in pleasurable pain. A beautiful man-child about to become a man.
She lifted her ass about two inches off his chest. Her pussy lips were so swollen that if Dennis knew how to handle his massive piece of man meat, and was able to stroke her pussy just right, then it was on. He could have her anytime he wanted. This pussy would be all his, to fuck it as he pleased. All holes would be open to invite him home into her sugar walls. She wanted him to take control now. She wanted him to be the man and to fuck her sweet pussy into submission until she cried for him to stop. And even when she begged for him to stop, she hoped that he would somehow know to keep plowing her pussy like it was open season for pussy pleasure. His thick cock head filled the entrance to her hungry pussy. Nicole trembled in anticipation of what was to come. Dennis sensed that this was his moment to take over from her. His eyes opened and he met her stare. She dared him to fuck her. He spread his legs slightly open to gain more leverage, reached around her body with both hands, squeezed both ass cheeks and spread her pussy open. With the swiftness of a warrior on the attack, his hardness met her wetness and plunged into Nicole’s hungry pussy. The swiftness of his penetration caught her by her surprise and she shrieked in agony only to realize that it was utter pleasure she was feeling vibrating through her body. Dennis was unskilled in the ways of making love, but he made up for it with youthful enthusiasm and stamina. With every stroke, her grabbed her ass tighter and intensified her pleasure. His strokes were so hard and deep that it felt like someone was taking a hammer to her insides. She loved every second of it. Her breasts were bouncing out of control, and she knew her pussy must be twice its original size, but she didn’t care. This is what she wanted, and Dennis was giving it to her sweet deep stroking doses. She had already experienced a few mini orgasms, but she needed a little extra for the big finish. With practiced precision, Nichle began to contract the muscles of her pussy until it felt like his cock was a tree trying to fit into the eye of a needle. Heat radiated from every pore on her body mixed with sweat. It was a beautiful concoction of passion being fulfilled. Warmth flowed from her head, down to her face, through every vein of her body and Nicole released pent-up horniness all over Dennis’ cock and stomach. He kept fucking her even after she came and Nicole was overwhelmed with ecstasy. She couldn’t stop coming and Dennis couldn’t stop fucking her. He was like a rabbit on Viagra and he was out of control.
Dennis felt like he was in another world and instinct had just taken over. He wasn’t sure what he was doing to Nicole, but he knew from her screams, moans and how wet her pussy felt, that he was doing something right. Women want men to be men in the bedroom he had remembered reading in some Playboy article with Pamela Anderson so that’s what he did. His cock took over for his brain and everything came naturally. Nicole whimpered with every stroke and even after she had an orgasm; Dennis wanted to continue pleasing her. He felt himself losing control and a rumbling in the base of his balls let him know that he was about to shoot his load into Miss Bridgewater. Nicole felt what was about to happen so she grudgingly got off his cock only so she could fill her mouth with the best cock she had ever had in her life. He didn’t have much longer to go she deep throated every inch of it and swirled her tongue around his cock head and waited to be fed a thick serving of vanilla milkshake.
Dennis didn’t know if to release his orgasm into Miss Bridgewater’s mouth or take it out and cum all over himself. He tried to push her head away, but her lips only wrapped around his shaft even tighter. She wanted him to feed her so he fed her. Hot fluids of pent up teenage lust shot through Dennis’ cock and he instinctively reached for her head and forcefully shoved his cock deeper into her throat. He twitched and writhed in pleasure as Miss Bridgewater milked him dry. He felt his life force vacating his body every time she sucked him off. She was insatiable. He was as dry as a desert but she kept sucking and stroking his cock in search of just one more drop of cum juice. From somewhere deep inside, a well of untapped lava of cum sprung forth like a geyser springing a leak. The force of the eruption jolted Nicole’s head backwards but she was able to keep her mouth open and swallowed every drop like a professional. Dennis laid there in a daze. He felt like all his life’s dreams had been accomplished and if he died now, that he would die a happy satisfied teenager who had just fucked the hottest teacher in school.
She was still hungry for more, but even the exuberance of youth needed a short rest to recharge the batteries. Nicole rested her head on his chest and felt his heartbeat still in overdrive. Her hand gently caressed his shoulders, then his chest and she gently stroked his flaccid penis which only a minute ago was vigorously fucking her thirsty throat. Gracefully she slid down his chest, wrapped her hands around his waist and laid her face down against the heat of his still throbbing penis. It throbbed against her cheek as if trying to come back to life for another round of pleasure, but it would be another thirty minutes before his cock would be ready for action again. Wanting to keep it warm and protected, Nicole parted her lips and wrapped her tongue around it and waited for it to grow again in her mouth. He was fast asleep and she joined him with ten inches of pleasure sleeping in the warmth of her mouth.10-26-07…1:49 pm














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