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Mental Masturbation (Short Story)

Mental Masturbation

This is the part of the day that Evan enjoyed the most. After a long day of battling vendors and settling disputes between customers and his employees as a manager at Starbucks, he didn’t mind sitting in rush hour traffic at 5pm on the Verrazano Bridge. Streams of descending sunlight blinded him even through his dark shades. All around him was gridlock traffic and drivers immersed in conversations on their cell phones, bobbing their heads to the radio and others just staring aimlessly into space wondering what had become of their lives. Evan popped in Jay Z’s “Black Album,” turned up the base and bobbed and weaved his head to Jay’s sick word play. No one in the rap game could spin a metaphor like the Jigga Man. It was like listening to Shakespeare or Hughes in their prime. Word for word like a teenager with nothing better to do than memorize all the newest rap songs, Evan mimicked Jay Z’s flow. It always amazed him whenever he rode the trains in New York how so many of the young #d3aa8a men knew every song word for word, but if pressed to define a metaphor or a simile, silence would ensue.
 Sophia stepped out the shower and without drying off her body, walked into the bedroom. The baby was at the sitter for the day so she had time to just pamper herself. She enjoyed the sensation of having water slide down her body, and allowed the humid air to dry her off. The television was on CNN but muted. She didn’t have to hear the news report to know that it was bad. It’s always bad news. CNN should have a segment “Well, Here’s Some Good News” but seemingly only controversy and mayhem sells. A full-length mirror was next to the television, and Sophia couldn’t resist examining her sexy form. It’s true what they say that after thirty, a woman’s body has to go to toe with Mr. Gravity before everything drops to the South Pole. A year removed from giving birth to her and Evan’s first child, Sophia had regained her figure by hitting the gym two months after childbirth. She was short and thick, but not fat. Her amply rounded ass rested quietly on her legs. Evan loved her ‘ghetto booty’ and referred to it as the Serena Williams Effect. The thought of Evan waiting for her call made Sophia instinctively trace her fingers over her freshly shaven pubic area. She slipped one finger into her tightness to gauge just how wet she was, but she already knew the answer. She tasted her juices making sure to lick her finger a few times. A sly smile danced across Sophia’s dark, smooth face as she made her way to the bed. The commercial for KFC always came to mind:  Finger Licking Good. Evan devoured her pussy as if she was an entire bucket of chicken wings, legs and thighs. Her man could definitely eat some pussy with those Jay-Z lips of his. She cooed his name into her cell phone and it automatically dialed his number.
 There was an accident up ahead on the Varazzano so Evan reclined his seat back and settled in for the crawl into Brooklyn. His phone vibrated to the tune of Ludacris’ Money Maker and a picture of his wife’s beautiful firm ass filled up the screen. A sudden fever of desire washed over his body, and a dull pain vibrated in his groin. In a few seconds, it would time to play their favorite game, Make Me Cum.
 “Hi Daddy,” Sophia breathed heavily into her cell phone. It was on speaker so both her hands were free to tease and please her aching body.
 “What are you gonna do for your daddy today?”  Evan’s voice resounded into the phone. Traffic was still at a standstill. Evan rolled up the tinted windows of his Ford Explorer, unzipped his trousers to reveal his long, thick #d3aa8a hose; he was always amazed at how easily Sophia drank his fat mushroomed head cock into the tight fit of her pussy.
 “Your baby is hungry,” she cooed again.
 “Then whip out those 38DD’s and feed that baby,” Evan joked with her. Sophia was the one in need of a cock feeding and a vanilla milkshake to drink.
 “Is daddy going to fuck me like a slutwhore?”
 Sophia would cringe in disgust whenever a rap song or video came on and the misogynous lyrics and images used by rappers to degrade women were tossed around like it was a love fest. She fought against the negative images trying to enter her mind and ran an open palm down her shaved crotch. Her engorged clitoris pulsated with desire and threatened to explode like a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.
 Sophia didn’t mind being a slutwhore for her husband. It was one of the many ways they kept the spice in their six-year marriage. Sophia would make sure her man wouldn’t have any desire to scratch any itch he might be feeling in the upcoming year.
 “Damn girl, my shit is so fucking hard that I could break it in two if I squeezed my shit any harder.”
 “You know how I love to feel that dick pulsating in my stomach and it feels like it’s going to pop out through my mouth. That’s not a dick you have, daddy. That shit is dick on steroids all for me.
 “Yes baby, all for you. You can ride this shit anytime, anywhere.”
 “How you wanna fuck me today, daddy?  Tell Sophia what you gonna do to that ass with that steroid muscle dick of yours.”
 Evan’s breathing was so heavy that if he had asthma or a heart condition, EMS would surely have found him passed out in the front seat of his car clutching his dick as if he was about to shift from first to second gear. Even before Evan said his next words, Sophia knew what he would want her to do.
“Put that ass up in the air,” Evan growled through his phone. “Spread that shit open for Daddy. You know by the time I’m finished riding that sweet ass you’re gonna need a fucking chiropractor to crack your back into alignment.”
  “Damn, Daddy. It’s like that?  Hurt me sweet daddy. Make my shit throb until I explode and pass the fuck out. You know how much I love it when that candy cane be hitting my spot. Make me scream like a bitch in a porno movie.”
 Sophia’s imagination was so vivid and in tuned with Evan’s sexual desires that as she lay on their bed, ass in the air, hands spreading her ass cheeks wide open; she felt his deep man thrusts vibrating inside of her. The thought of his cock dipping into her honey pot made her pussy drip with desire. She couldn’t wait until he got home to tend to the fire he had created in the abyss of her pussy.
 “Hurry home baby. Your pussy is asking for her cock. Don’t waste that load of cum. You have to feed my pussy with it.”
 “I’m coming baby.”  Evan heeded his wife’s words and slowed down his cock strokes just as traffic began to move in the direction of Brooklyn. Evan weaved in out of track like a professional race car driver at Nascar, and in five minutes flat his Jeep screeched into the driveway and with an erection already at attention. He put his key into the keyhole only to find another hole waiting for him.
 Sophia was on all fours at the doorway, wet and ready for entry.
 “This how you want it, Daddy?”  Her breasts danced seductively back and forth as she turned her head just in time to watch Evan’s unzip his pants, and in one motion gripped her ass cheeks to roughly enter her pussy from behind. Evan grunted his lust, and the force of his penetration propelled Sophia’s ass further in the air, and she screamed as he manhandled her. She enjoyed it when he fucked her with reckless abandon. None of that touchy, feely stuff; in the privacy of their home, she was the manifestation of his dream whore and willing to do whatever it took to please her man.
 The sex didn’t last more than sixty seconds and the brutal intensity of his orgasm sent shivers through Evan’s body after he emptied his love inside of Sophia for the millionth time. She wouldn’t allow him to leave her ocean until every ounce of water was drained from his shaft. Her muscles clamped around his still erect cock and massaged it slowly; every pussy massage pulled him deeper inside of her, and he better than to resist. He touched her heated flesh and her ass bounced gently, asking him to take her for another ride. He obliged as any sane man would with a beautiful ass smiling at him. Evan bent closer, cock still inserted and placed two love bites on each ass check. Sophia thrust her ass into Evan’s hardness and every inch of body screamed as he pump fucked her. The second before her orgasm came is what she enjoyed the most about sex. Knowing that in exactly one second, her world would be thrust upside down and all because of a nine inch cock throbbing inside her ocean made Sophia crave for it even more. It felt at times as if she was free falling through space and everything in the world that bothered her could be forgotten for as long as her orgasm lasted. She milked Evan’s cock dry and he slipped out of her and fell onto his back next to her.
 The world returned to normalcy for both of them, and Sophia crawled into the warmth that Evan’s body always gave to her. Her breathing had steadied, and her throbbing clitoris had returned to hiding. Her head rested on Evan’s chest and his strong heartbeat thumped against her ear. His eyes were closed as if replaying every moment of what had just transpired. Sophia closed her eyes also and joined her husband in his thoughts. Life would soon intrude on their moment, but for now it belonged to them and every second would be savored.









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