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Irresistible Urges (short story)

Irresistible Urges

It had been one week to the day since she broke his heart. That day she ripped his heart from its safe cocoon, leaving it unprotected for the entire world to see and laugh at his misfortune. He came home early from work that day with plans of an intimate dinner and a movie to celebrate her 30th birthday. She wasn’t expecting him for hours so when she heard him fumbling with the lock downstairs she tried to hide her lover of six months, but he wouldn’t budge. He too was in love with her, and claimed he would rather die today than run and hide like a cockroach scurrying from the heel of a boot bringing death to it. She had known many men, and he was the first one to strike fear in her heart when he spoke of love. Love to him was about possession. If he couldn’t have her then no one could. He had seen her walking home from the subway and followed her. That action alone should’ve alerted Jessica to his true nature, but on this day consumed with loneliness she allowed this stranger to seduce her on the floor of her apartment kitchen. Samuel wasn’t the kind of guy she would normally be interested in and maybe for that reason he intrigued her so. He cared nothing about her feelings and spoke to her in a crude and demeaning way. But, he fucked her as if he could read her pussy’s private thoughts. The things she wanted every man before him to do to her were done without any coaching. He fucked her into submission every time, and would leave her on the floor or bed still convulsing in orgasmic pleasure. She was addicted to his dick. Jessica could care less about him. Lately, she had been craving his cock more than ever. It didn’t matter what she was doing or where she was anymore, she could feel him inside her, hot and pulsating like a geyser about to explode. She had an orgasm last week while waiting for the #2 train on 42nd street as she imagined Samuel taking her from behind and fucking her in front of all the waiting commuters. An angry, hostile orgasm sprayed the insides of her panties and she felt like she was swimming in an ocean. No man had ever controlled her this way. If he had asked her to fuck him anywhere she wouldn’t have hesitated to oblige his desires. It sickened her to be so powerless and at his disposal, but it also excited her in a way that would leave her blushing when thoughts of sex with him heated her inner thighs.
Scott didn’t deserve any of this, but it was too late for that. As he  entered the apartment and climbed the stairs, the thick, unwelcome scent of sex mixed with the natural heat of the apartment filled the air. Scott felt nauseous at what he would find awaiting him. They hadn’t been doing it for about six months; she was always too tired, had to get up early for work or experiencing a headache. She was the most headache prone woman he had ever known, but yet she never took any medication to alleviate her pain. Little did he know her was being alleviated by another man’s cock.
The apartment was quiet except for the hissing sound escaping from the heaters. Scott had asked the landlord weeks ago to turn the heat down because it was like living in a sauna. The air in the apartment always felt wet and liquefied, but Jessica liked it that way. She said it reminded her of Seattle where it rained all the time. Wanting to please her, Scott adapted to the weather condition in the apartment even though it left him feeling as if his head was always swimming in water.
Samuel wasn’t a man to hang around a woman for too long. After a few turns in the sack he was usually ready for some new pussy. For him it was about the thrill of the hunt. Familiarity bred boredom so he went through women as if they were going out of style, and he had to bed as many as possible before that happened. Following Jessica home that first day was merely an accident, a way to kill a few hours before meeting another female he met a few days ago at Starbucks. Samuel discovered at an early age that he didn’t’ have to say much when approaching women. His megawatt smile was his hello, and panties would get moist when it made their acquaintance. At first, Jessica was no different just another sweet pussy to occupy the moment, but something changed that surprised even him. He became all those women he abhorred who claimed to love him only days after meeting him. How could you love me in a few days when you don’t even know who I am, Samuel would always wonder when those words were whispered in his ears. They were better off telling him that they loved his dick. At least that would be more believable. Strange things started happening to Samuel when he was away from Jessica. He would actually think about her and reminisce about their last encounter. A few times, he even felt the urge to call her just to hear her voice. The last straw was when he called one of his women friends by her name in the middle of sex. That’s when he knew he was hooked on her and it was senseless to fight his feelings for her. It was a battle he would lose every time.
The apartment was unusually quiet. Jessica usually was playing her favorite band, The Dave Matthews Band, or watching MTV. The bedroom was always open, but today it was closed. An uneasy feeling of apprehension came over Scott, and he had the urge to run and leave the apartment because his Spidey senses were tingling. He had introduced Jessica to all his friends and family as his wife because he believed that he had found his soul mate. He trusted her with his life and his heart. When he opened the bedroom door, all that was about to change, and he would forever question the notion of true love.
So overcome with jealousy,  Samuel locked Jessica in the bathroom which was located in the bedroom and ordered her to be quiet or else he would hurt Scott. She obliged him as she always did and sat naked on the bathroom floor awaiting the next scene to play out. The minute Scott stepped into his bedroom he saw Samuel standing naked next to his bed, and everything that followed was a blur. Samuel closed the distance between Scott and himself with two long galloping steps, and punched out a surprised Scott. When Scott awoke to the taste of dry blood in his mouth he was handcuffed to the hot radiator below the bedroom window. His left hand was slightly burnt from the heat of the radiator, but he quickly forgot that pain when he looked up and Scott was standing naked above with his dick dangling perilously close to Scott’s face. The shock of being so close to another man’s penis made Scott recoil against the wall. Samuel laughed insanely at Scott’s reaction as he turned around to let Jessica out of the bathroom, and gave Scott a glimpse of his ass as he walked away. When Jessica saw Scott bloodied and chained like an animal, and Samuel naked and glistening, a moistness of excitement made itself known. Samuel knew she was turned on by the whole scene when he saw her hands casually massaging her breasts. His cock instantly started rising.
As if it was an elevator, and it wouldn’t stop until it got to the penthouse which was Jessica’s pussy. He thought that he would have to talk her into his plan to emasculate Scott but everything he now knew about how much of a whore she was told him she would be game. Her eyes lingered on Scott for a few seconds then casually drooled on Samuel’s immense manhood. Without any prompting from Samuel she went to her knees and stilled his bobbing penis with her mouth. It reminded Samuel of riding a bicycle with no hands and allowing your body to dictate the bicycle’s movements the same way Jessica’s mouth controlled his penis. She was an expert cock sucker, and Samuel was convinced that she had gotten her technique from sucking on a pacifier as a baby and had gotten extra practice excreting milk from her mother’s breast. She removed his cock from her mouth, and teased the edges of his cock head with only her hot breath as if she blowing on hot tea or coffee to cool it down.
Scott always knew that a whore lived inside of Jessica and was happy to be the beneficiary of her whorish ways as long as she was his woman, but he was also smart enough to know that she craved sex more often than he could supply it. She was insatiable and always horny. A few times he was awakened to the sounds of her masturbating, and he would lay there listening to her moan as if she was being tortured. It was just a matter of time before she went in search of someone like Samuel so Scott wasn’t too shocked at was transpiring before his eyes. It sickened him at first watching Jessica expertly suck another man off as she had done for him just this morning, but Scott couldn’t turn away and he felt his excitement begin to rise.
Everyone was being used to some degree by the other person. Jessica was using Samuel for his overactive libido. Samuel was using Jessica because she would do anything he asked of her. Scott had bought Jessica with extravagant gifts so they were all whores in this play together. They all thought that they were in control of their situation, but no one ever comes out of these love triangles unscathed. An orgasm was building angrily behind Jessica’s pussy walls, and she could kill two birds with one stone by having Samuel fuck her. She could humiliate Scott and get back at him for all those times he had used his money to control her, and she could have an orgasm while doing it. She could feel Scott’s eyes on her naked body and the thought of him being chained like a dog to the radiator and watching another man pump her hard with cock almost drove Jessica into an orgasmic frenzy. She guided Samuel to the bed and in one swift motion mounted his erection. Scott had the back view and watched Samuel’s erection slipping in and out of his pussy that he had bought with gifts and money. He was filled with so many different emotions that it left him confused. He was angry, humiliated, turned on by watching another guy fuck his woman, but in the end as it always does, the ego wins out and rage takes the lead over all other emotions.
Scott began spewing a litany of profanities and racial epithets at Samuel, and calling Jessica every filthy name he had forgotten he knew, but they seemed energized by his outburst. Every stroke of Samuel’s cock deep inside his woman’s inviting pussy infuriated Scott even more, and drove Jessica to the brink of an explosion that would soon cumulate with Samuel releasing inside of her. Samuel flipped Jessica around and now she was face to face with Scott while Samuel rode her hard and fast like an out of control express train. A mix of pain and agony were twisted in Jessica’s beautiful face, and her long #d3aa8a hair had a mind of its own and was flying in every direction. The heat from the radiator turned the bedroom into a sauna so between the heat and watching his woman get fucked like an animal, Scott was about to lose his fucking mind.
He tried stupidly to pull the radiator out of the floor but burned his hands and screamed in pain, and then he did an even more stupid thing. He ripped his clothes off and impaled himself against the radiator. It sounded like bacon was frying when his skin touched the red hot radiator, and he screamed like a pig knowing today it was about to become bacon for breakfast. The shock of being burned alive and smelling his skin frying made Scott faint, and he fell against the radiator and continued to sizzle.
It was Samuel who threw Jessica off him and came to rescue Scott. He undid the handcuffs while she lay in bed with her eyes closed and masturbated until her orgasm was released from its prison. She never opened her eyes again. Scott never knew pain could be so alive inside of him and he would still be able to walk. He was fueled at that moment by a hate so powerful that he momentarily forgot everything else. He reached for the letter opener on the dresser which resembled a knife, and before plunging it into Jessica’s throat he watched her sleep for the very last time. It’s funny how she lay there in peace while he was suffering, and couldn’t care less about this pain. Without a second thought he raised his hand and allowed his rage to guide him. The force of his rage was so strong that the letter opener plunged right through her throat and into the bed. She choked on her own blood, and never saw her death coming. Samuel would be next to face Scott’s wrath. Samuel had gone downstairs to call an ambulance because he feared the worst that Scott might die and he would go to prison. He needed not to worry about prison because he would soon be following Jessica on that first bus to that place where people like them went to die.
Scott wasn’t on the floor where Samuel left him, and before he could even turn his head to look for him a huge hand grabbed Samuel’s balls, and with an uncommon strength ripped them from their socket. It happened so fast that the pain didn’t register in Samuel’s mind of what had just transpired. He looked down at his feet and saw two balls of brown flesh, and then he put his hands where they once called home. That’s when his mind caught up with the moment and a blood curdling scream of pain was wrenched from his throat. Before he could finish his first scream another one was being born. With one fluid motion like a butcher slicing an unsuspecting chicken’s neck, Scott plunged the opener into Samuel’s penis and shifted the opener up and down like he was shifting gears in a car. Samuel lay on the floor and in a few minutes would die in his own blood. His last thought was a piece of ass definitely wasn’t worth all this pain and his life.
Scott knew he would spend the rest of his life in prison for these two murders. All he wanted to do now was dull the pain and forget this entire day had ever happened. He downed an entire bottle of sleeping pills and lay in bed next to Jessica. When the cops and the ambulance came they would find three dead naked people. They would have no idea what transpired on this night for death to visit the lives of three beautiful young people with so much life ahead of them.
 In a city of millions of stories theirs would only register as a filler piece in The Daily News written by a snotty nosed young writer eating a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of Starbucks. That’s how it ends.


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