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Tell Me A Secret


Tell me a secret something that hurts your heart

Sharing it with me will lessen the pain you feel

It will be a burden you won’t have to carry all alone

My shoulders are always here to share the load

My arms are always ready to hold you close

Whatever hurts you hurts me too

Whatever makes you happy also brings me joy

There is nothing you cannot share with me my love

My love for you is absolute without any colors of gray

Nothing you can say can make that change

Telling me a secret will only make our love grow stronger

Breaking the shackles of mistrust from the past

That trust is earned and not owed to anyone

Tell me a secret that no one else in the world knows

Except for you and God…and now only me

Your secrets are safe with me just as your heart will always be.



Jéan-Pierre, Dean


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