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Letter from His Cock (short story)

Letter from His Cock

Today, Alexander held his dick in both hands cradling and stroking him the way that you did, but he still refused to wake up. He laid there weak and shriveled in dire need of your touch and looked up at Alexander with his slit eye half closed. He was in desperate need of ICS (Immediate Dick Suckage), and no amount of coaxing from Alexander would erect him from his depression. Until you have experienced a depressed dick you cannot begin to understand the trauma of the situation. Wild crazy shit goes through your mind like maybe my dick is dead and a replacement dick will be needed, or maybe excessive masturbation has led to the early retirement of your dick from active duty. If in the future a replica or detachable dick is available on the market then the ability to replace a depressed dick would solve many, many male problems:  no more worrying about erectile dysfunction, or waiting until an appropriate time to get a second serving of some sweetness while limp dick rests up for round two. Women all around the world would cheer this enhanced dick feature which would allow them more pleasure immediately instead of having to wait. Who the hell wants to wait when your pussy is wet and ready for some sweet dick loving?
But on this night, only you could wake him from this melancholy sleep rendering him useless to Alexander. He cries into the toilet bowl for what seems like an eternity, and Alexander flushes his depressed dick’s tears down the drain. He watches it merge into the blue colored water until it disappears to a place unknown. Sleep takes over Alexander’s body and he couldn’t recall when it happened. Images of strange people, places and things danced through his mind. The sensation of a dream of being sucked into a vortex felt as if his skin was being ripped off his body, and had Alexander moaning in his sleep. He awoke to find his body drenched in sweat, and loud moans filled the darkness of his room. At first, the scene being played before his eyes was reminiscent of one of his fantasies. The dick headache of a few hours ago was now forgotten, and he was bobbing up and down like a kid awaiting a special gift on Christmas. While Alexander slept, his girlfriend had been sucking on his dick as if she hadn’t eaten or drank anything in days. Tonight, she would be fed, and as his favorite rapper Biggie Smalls used to say, “Believe me sweetie, I’ve got enough to feed the needy.”  It was just yesterday he had recounted this fantasy to his girlfriend, and less than a day later she had turned it into reality. She must have heard his dick’s cry for her warm mouth to come and comfort him and resurrect his limp dreams of being a stallion lover, as she had done so many times before with her lips of pleasure, she invited him into her haven of heat between her lips where summer lived 365 days of the year. Once inside this sanctuary there’s something she does with her tongue, lips or a combination of both that Alexander can’t fully explain, but when she does it to him, he feels like his brain is being sucked through the slit eye of his dick head. It is the most unbelievable BJ (blowjob) ever performed. Every woman should learn to suck dick like this, Alexander thinks to himself as he slips in and out of consciousness. There should be a mandatory dick sucking class 101 before a marriage is allowed to take place. They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but as Alexander lay there wrapped in a heat that could make a fat person burn calories, he would come to believe that all he needed to live a happy life was those sweet full lips emptying every ounce of baby juice in him. For a moment, it feels as if he will succumb to her super powers of sucking dick and pass out. Only the truly gifted blow jobbers have this innate ability to cause a grown man to faint like a baby and sleep for hours. Such is the power of an amazing set of lips which few women possess, but many claim to own. He will rest for a short time to regain his depleted strength. Soft and wet from the shower he’s just enjoyed in the sanctuary of her heart shaped lips, his once depressed slit eye has formed a smile to last throughout the night. All the earlier worries of never feeling your touch again have vanished. A deep peaceful sleep envelops his limp body and his dreams are filled with erotic thoughts of inventing new positions to drive her insane, and keep her coming back to him. What she doesn’t know is the pleasures of the flesh she offers him so readily at his request in no way compares to what they could share if they allowed the physical and mental to join in a union. On this night, physical satisfaction will suffice all his immediate needs. Getting to know her would have to wait until another day.





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