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Shear Pleasure (Short story)

Shear Pleasure

Shyler promised Sebastian that the next time she did it, that he could do it for her. Every week Sebastian would excitedly ask her if today would be the day he would finally get to shave her pussy. Every chance he got to inspect her pubic area for a nice “bush” to shave, he would do so seemingly unaware that he was becoming a pain in the ass. Finally when there was a nice little Afro growing inside her panties, Shyler gave Sebastian the good news that he could give her a baldy. She agreed because he was a gentle lover, and his pussy kissing skills were on par with her previous lover, Brandy. Sebastian had the touch of a woman who happened to be living in the body of a man. He was lucky enough to be blessed with a tongue blessed by the Pussy God, Queen Clitora. Shyler knew she would be safe in his hands. If there was anything he loved more than her was her pussy. Sometimes Shyler felt that if he could somehow detach her pussy from her body that this would be perfectly okay with him. Brandy also had a fetish for eating Shyler’s pussy. A delicacy she called it, but to Shyler it was just a regular old pussy. Brandy had been a passing fancy for Shyler. She had never been into women before, but one night at the club with a few girlfriends a connection was sparked between them. She was surprised how easily she fell into the lifestyle in the next few months, but she always knew that it would be temporary. Brandy would have other ideas for their future.
 Sebastian was prepared for the day when Shyler gave him the word that he could shave her pussy. He had planned it as if it would be a romantic evening to get her comfortable and ease her mind of any tensions. The lush voice of Sade singing “No Ordinary Love” filled their bedroom, and he dimmed the lights but left just enough to get a clear view of the area he would be shaving. She was still wet from just getting out the shower, and drops of water marked the plush red carpeting. Normally he would have made a fuss that she hadn’t toweled off in the bathroom, but to watch her glistening body shadowed in the dim light excited Sebastian. Shyler enjoyed pleasing her man even though she still didn’t understand his desire to shave her pubic area. It was a chore she didn’t enjoy, but once it was over she always felt sexier and decadent. She loved wearing her jeans on the first day after because the thrill of the fabric rubbing against her bald crotch always made her wet. She also craved having Sebastian’s cock to slide deep inside of her. Thinking about it now excited Shyler as she laid down on the bed at Sebastian’s bidding to let him do all the work.
 Shyler’s crotch area was so densely populated with pubic hair that her clitoris appeared to be drowning in all the thick surrounding #d3aa8aness of her wild, bushy pussy. Sebastian always joked that eating her pussy was like having hair for dinner. By the time he resurfaced from an extended night out, there was enough hair lodged in his teeth to give a bald man a comb over. Shyler had never met a man like Sebastian who absolutely enjoyed eating pussy. For him, it wasn’t a chore or a passing fancy to wet a woman’s appetite for a night filled with passionate bliss. He made the experience of her sharing the hidden beauty nestled in the shape of a V between her soft thighs something special every time they made love. Sebastian pampered her vagina before sex with long lingering kisses as if he was truly kissing her lips, he would stroke her inner thighs with the slightest of touch and this would drive her absolutely crazy. The man was a magician. Shyler still couldn’t figure out why things hadn’t worked out with his last girlfriend. He said that she never trusted him, and she believed that a man with such a fetish for devouring pussy would eventually need new dishes to sample. So she left him before he could leave her to sample one of her friends. Shyler promised herself that if she ever met Sebastian’s ex that she would profusely thank her for not having the common sense to know when she had a good man right between her legs-exactly where a man should be.
 The feel of freshly washed silken #d3aa8a sheets caressed Shyler’s moist body as she sprawled herself across the queen sized bed and laid down on her stomach. When she started dating Sebastian almost a year ago, Shyler was self-conscious about her body. She’d never had the greatest body image in the world and had been struggling with her weight for years. She was shocked when Sebastian approached her at Starbucks while she waited for a cup of overpriced hot chocolate and complimented her on her smile. A conversation ensued as they waited in line and he walked her back to her job. Shyler was sure she sounded like an idiot to this affable, well-dressed man as they made casual conversation. She kept wondering why he chose her out of everyone he could’ve spoken to on that day. Sebastian sensed her trepidation at his friendliness and assured her that his attraction to her was genuine. He went on to further explain that her aura was inviting, and he wanted to get to know her better. It was a beautiful day and women far more beautiful than Shyler walked by and would discreetly cast their flirtatious gaze on Sebastian, but never once did his eyes waver from that of Shyler’s. He probably wasn’t aware but that one small act of chivalry meant more to her than anything he had said to that point. It showed her that he respected her as a woman and had the decency to be a gentleman when many other men would have pretended to look away quickly to scope out the next beautiful woman. There will always be someone more beautiful than whom you’re with, and it’s the man who realizes what he has in his possession as being beautiful and rare and is able to resist the temptation of the next beautiful dream who wins in the end. Sebastian and Shyler exchanged numbers that day and the rest as they say is history.
 Sebastian, as he always did when it came to Shyler, went the extra mile for her pleasure. Sade was now achingly singing The Sweetest Taboo and a glass of Shyler’s favorite Merlot was waiting for her by the nightstand, and as drops of wine wetted her throat, she felt Sebastian’s strong hands massaging her feet. He lifted her left foot and placed it against the curly hairs on his chest. It felt like grass growing under her feet every time he did it. Sebastian used the balls of his knuckles to knead the stress from under Shyler’s feet, and he would alternate between both feet to give each of them equal attention. Having Sebastian’s hands anywhere on her body would instantly send shivers from her toes all the way to her fingertips. For all the wondrous things Sebastian made Shyler feel beautiful without even touching her however, she was still conscious about her body in his presence. She would take showers before he did and be fully dressed before he even woke up. She would cringe sometimes when they made love because she felt fat, and wondered what he must be thinking when his hands touched her soft belly. Shyler was a beautiful #d3aa8a woman who was pleasingly plump. She hid her shyness so well by always being jovial and a friend to everyone that at first Sebastian was taken aback by her lack of self-confidence when there was no one else around. She was the center of attention. Shyler didn’t see what Sebastian saw in her, but knowing that he had a diamond that would shine with a little help from him, Sebastian found ways to rebuild her shattered confidence which had been ripped apart by her mentally abuse ex-girlfriend, Brandy. Sebastian believed in the adage that if you heard something enough times eventually you’re going to believe it whether or not it’s positive or negative. So every morning, during the day and especially at nights before they drifted to sleep, he would repeatedly tell Shyler that she was beautiful and the most wonderful woman he had ever known. And that he was the lucky one to be with her. Slowly, Sebastian’s affirmation took hold and Shyler would find herself in the mirror admiring her body and feeling that her little gut really wasn’t all that bad. Now months later, she was able to take showers with her man without feeling self-conscious, she didn’t feel the sudden urge put a towel on to hide her body and now when he hugged her, Shyler didn’t feel the need to suck in her tiny gut anymore. Truth be told, she was indeed a beautiful woman, but words to the contrary had infiltrated her mind making her feel less than beautiful. She was short, about a buck fifty, most of which was sculpted in her ass. She possessed the kind of ass that even the most skillful of bull riders would have a hard time hanging on for more than a few seconds. Seeing it up close and personal for the first time, Sebastian said a silent prayer to God to give him the strength to please this woman. As it turned out, they were both insatiable giving lovers and were willing to please each other in every way possible. They were both in bliss.
 Both her feet were pressed against Sebastian’s chest and her legs were slightly open giving him an unobstructed view into the darkness of her untrimmed pubic area, as she now laid down on her back. He lifted her legs a little higher onto his shoulders, and she could feel his eyes feasting on her even though hers were closed. She enjoyed knowing that Sebastian took pleasure in her naked body and wasn’t repulsed by her nakedness when they were together. Brandy had seemingly taken pleasure in embarrassing her in front of friends with snide remarks about her slight weight gain and it had only served to make Shyler eat more and get more depressed. Her heart smiled now since Sebastian had accepted all of her in a way that Brandy had been unable to because she didn’t fit her narrow stereotype of beauty.
 Satisfied with the view, Sebastian rested Shyler’s feet gently on the silk sheets, knelt at her feet and kissed her soles. He was kissing her soul and Shyler was flying in a dream once unimaginable, but he was here at her feet massaging them with his gentle touch. He worked his way from her calves to her inner thighs. His touch had Shyler feeling as if she was floating in a pool of water and his hands were wings keeping her afloat. Sebastian spread his fingers and ran them slowly through her pubic hair, and slowly inserted his middle finger into her tight vagina. Her muscles relaxed and welcomed him home. He withdrew his finger and tasted her sweet essence knowing it was a mere appetizer for the feast that would come later on in the evening.
 Sebastian made his way onto the bed; spread Shyler’s legs further apart and turned on her battery operated shaving machine. The low buzzing of the machine sounded like her vibrator which was buried somewhere in her underwear draw. Thankfully, she didn’t have a use for it anymore. Sebastian’s hot breath blew a trail of hot air through her pubic hair and his face was just inches away from her vagina. He started shaving from the right side and worked the shaving machine in a circular motion against the grain of her pubic growth. The vibration excited Shyler in an unexpected way and she found herself squirming in anticipation of having the blade against her skin. Sebastian slipped the middle finger of his left hand into her wetness while using the face of his thumb to massage her erect clitoris. He continued shaving her pubic area and the sensations of Sebastian’s two fingers inside of her and the vibration of the shaving machine pulsating against her almost bald skin sent Shyler spiraling over the edge. Sebastian continued to stroke her insides and increased his fingers from one to five. Shyler’s passion was dripping from his fingertips like honey from a fig and two tongues wouldn’t be enough to lick up all her excess juices flowing from Shyler’s water fountain. Sebastian removed his thumb and pressed hard against her clitoris stimulating the waves of orgasms that flooded through Shyler’s open vagina walls. She laid there in a daze, her eyes unmoving as Sebastian trimmed away the last of her pubic hair.

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