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Heat (story)


All winter she had complained to her landlord that the heat in her one bedroom apartment was just too much for any normal human being to live in, but all he would say was that it was better than no heat.
“No heat you complain. Too much heat you complain. Make up your mind,” he said disgusted as he stomped away.
He was a short, balding angry man who never had a kind word to say to any of his tenants. He pushed past a young man in the hallway without as much as a hello. Samantha smiled at the young man with the practiced smile of a woman who had been approached by one too many men in her life. The smile disarmed them momentarily while they came up with something stupid to say, and by the time they did she had already made her escape. Safe for another day as her apartment door banged shut behind her. By the time she reached the kitchen her clothes were strewn all over her apartment and she was naked, free to walk around fully exposed. It had been a long week. Work had been more stressful than usual, and her ex-boyfriend Nicholas, from six months ago, hadn’t yet fully grasped the fact that he had been cut loose and she had moved on to the next dick. He called her work and cell phone constantly; she received an email a minute from him. Samantha was now sick of the smell of roses from getting them every day. All her friends thought she was crazy for dumping him because to them he was a great guy, everyone loved him, everyone but her. She wished she could have kept him around because he ate fantastic pussy, but he had done what she warned him not to do under any circumstances. He had fallen in love with her. It was stupid to believe that he wouldn’t, but at least she warned him of the consequences:  no more sex if the words ‘I love you’ ever crossed his lips. During a night of uninhibited passion when she was deep-throating his cock, at the peak of his orgasm he screamed out that he loved her. She was sorry to see him go because his dick game was tight. He wasn’t like those other guys who talked a good cock game, but had no erection to back it up.
“Your pussy is too sweet and tight,” they would blather on after they came in five minutes. One guy came as soon as he was inside her of and asked if it was good for her. One thing she had learned is that the most docile of guys could be become an animal if you fucked with his ego by telling him that he couldn’t fuck. All guys regardless of proof to the contrary believe that they’re fantastic lovers and God’s gift to women in bed. Have you ever met a guy who said he couldn’t dick you down for hours?  A man’s natural defense mechanism for everything is to declare his sexual prowess even when his dick is but a tickle fancy, and would make you laugh in amusement more than it would make you moan with passion. Men, if it wasn’t for the ones who knew how to wield their magic wands and tongues like the devil’s apprentice most of them would be quite useless. Samantha always felt that if she was a man she would try to fuck as many women as possible. It’s easy to see how men seemingly can’t control themselves when there’s a pussy in sniffing distance. It’s like when you smell your favorite food in the entire world, it doesn’t matter if you just had some, you want more and will eat until your gut is busting out.
The heat in her apartment seeped through Samantha’s skin, and if her pussy had a valve then steam would surely escape from it every time she touched herself. She noticed it the first week she moved in, and at first the heat was so stifling that she couldn’t breathe and had to sleep with all the windows open, refrigerator and freezer doors open in the middle of winter. She slept naked in freezing temperatures and yet it felt like there was a fire raging inside of her body: cold water turned hot when she drank it, snow melted at her feet and rain would scald her leaving little dotted marks on her skin. Samantha couldn’t figure out what was happening to her when these freak occurrences were taking place so she kept it all to herself. She didn’t want anyone thinking that she was a nut job and a candidate for Bellevue. She no longer wore panties because the heat emanating from her pussy especially in the morning made her want to shove a pitcher of ice down her crotch. She’d actually tried it once in frustration when this “condition” first occurred. Her body was so consumed with heat that the first night that it took all her will power not to dive naked into the three feet of snow that stood outside her door. Dizzy and disoriented from this unnatural heat phenomenon, Samantha didn’t realize she had been sitting on her radiator naked; she might as well have been sitting down on her couch watching television. Impossible as it might sound by some fluke of nature heat transference had taken place-allowing Samantha to store an inordinate amount of heat in her skin. She felt like a superhero, but what good could come from this power?  She couldn’t save the world or stop a crime with her hot pussy. The last time she and her current boyfriend David had sex they had to take a trip to the ER.
He enjoyed eating pussy like no other guy she had ever known. If he could survive on pussy juice, Samantha was certain he would have it day and night. His appetite was voracious for her pussy. She would sometimes wake up, and David was already having breakfast. Too much of anything, even getting your pussy eaten constantly was a bit too much for any woman, Samantha thought. So put him on a strict pussy no carb diet, and only allowed him to taste her only after he made her come. What David lacked in dick size he more than adequately made up for it with his tongue; it got harder than his dick most times and often left her unsatisfied and frustrated. He would apologize profusely for his inability to satisfy her, and he would go down on her for hours to make up for it. Sometimes, a woman just needs a hard cock and nothing else will do. So between him falling in love with her and his inability to dick her down when needed, David became a casualty of his making. He knew his time was almost up, and he became almost like a squirrel storing food for the winter, and he relished every chance he got to go down on her. The stress of that particular day had Samantha more tense than usual and every muscle in her body was coiled and needed to be untwisted. David’s tongue was just the remedy she needed and would be better than a massage because he knew exactly where to lick to get the strongest reaction. When Samantha would feel herself coming she would wrap her legs around David’s head tightly squeezing it like a nut in a vice, but this time something went terribly wrong. She felt the heat building in her stomach and screamed for David to stop, but when you’re down there all screams sound like screams of passion. Hot cum sprang from her pussy with the force of a fire hydrant spewing the streets with water. Screams of utter pain from David somehow made her squeeze her legs tighter, trapping him for a full bath of hot cum. By the time David regained consciousness, they were already at the hospital answering embarrassing questions by doctors and nurses. They had never seen anything like this before, and soon David and Samantha were the talk of the hospital. After hours of answering questions David was finally discharged and Samantha vowed she would never have sex again in her life. She would become The Virgin Samantha. As much as you might try to change once something is in your nature it breathes in your blood. The only way to feed your desire is to act on it. The consequences be damned when your pussy is whispering, purring her innermost desires to you.
Before Samantha entered the shower she called Nicholas, her ex-boyfriend from a few months ago. He was out on a date and the voice of a female could clearly be heard in the background telling him to hang up on that bitch. He whispered that he would be there in an hour. The thought of having Nicholas’ plump #d3aa8a cock stretching her tight white pussy open; until she couldn’t take anymore made Samantha shudder with anticipation. She enjoyed sucking his thick shaft just so she could watch her pale hands sliding up and down its glistening darkness. There was just something so esthetically beautiful about it that it made her insides boil anytime she thought about it. Hot cum could be felt running down her legs, and she entered the shower to lose herself in the cold water which would be heated in a few minutes. In an hour, all the heat trapped inside of her body would be detonated. Samantha smiled at that thought of riding Nicholas’ cock into the sunset as she finished her shower.













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