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Conversation Not Admitted (short story)


Conversation Not Admitted

Conversation was not on the menu. In fact, she had requested that pillow talk, normally used to heighten the evening, should only be spoken at a minimum. Only in case of life or death should you utter a word, she had said to him before hanging up the phone. It would be a two-course meal on the menu tonight-sex and more sex. He had been with her twice before and every time he left, he couldn’t wait to return. This time would be no different.
Kisses of heat greeted him the moment he walked through the door. Her lips tasted of hunger, and he had exactly what she needed to feed her desire. She helped him out of his hat, coat, and unzipped his pants to reveal his already erect cock sniffing for some action. There would be no time for small talk. As she always said, why talk when you can fuck this, and she would point to her beautifully manicured pussy. Who was he to disagree?  All pussies aren’t created equally. Some of them possess that extra something special talent that just can’t be taught. Either you have it or you don’t, and those who have it—God has blessed them by laying his hands on their crotch. He wondered, as he opened her red Victoria Secret’s robe to reveal her naked body that if God could have somehow anticipated the immense pleasure he had created for man by giving them access to the secrets buried between the sweet inner thighs of a woman?  And if he did have an inkling, then somewhere in the universe, he must be having a good old laugh at just how far a man would be willing to go to indulge in the pleasures of the pussy. If a man could cut his dick off, feel no pain and be certain that it would grow back in order to get him some pussy-he would do it without thinking twice.
 His pants were bunched around his ankles and she gently gripped his erect cock to lead him into her bedroom. As they walked slowly into her bedroom, she massaged his shaft to an almost throbbing explosion. Scented candles adorned the windows and dresser, but the only thing he wanted to find was his way to her bed and to plunge his erection into the fire of her pussy. She always satisfied him and he was a glutton for the meal she offered. Never had he said no to her and rejected her advances. His greatest fear was to reject her just for one evening, and she in turn would banish him to the island of NoMorePus. He enjoyed diving into the waters of her island, and he would do anything to swim in there forever. Her pussy was definitely addictive and he was whipped like a slave for it. The markings of his beatings could be easily seen in the lust that lived in his eyes for her.
 She laid him out on her bed like work clothes for the next day. He inhaled the air around him and the scent of her heated flesh filled his nostrils with animal lust. His cock twitched and quickly filled with blood and sniffed the air for pussy. He laid there already in a weakened state and waited for her to find her way into the empty space besides him. His eyes adjusted to the candlelight and found her a few feet away searching for the right music to further enhance the experience. Shadows of light from the stereo danced on her back, massaged her neck and an imaginary hand seemed to be caressing her beautifully sculpted ass. Luther’s soulful voice came alive and his music filled the room. Luther has probably found himself in thousands of bedrooms at times like these. His voice was a perfect conduit between lovers trying to express their passion and lust for each other. The passion of the music infused her body with a sensual energy, and she began to move in harmony with Luther’s voice. She was an exquisite beauty:  her #d3aa8a hair was long and fell quietly just above the curve in her back, her ass looked like a red apple that you just wanted to bite deeply into it to let the juices run down the sides of your mouth. Then she turned around, eyes closed and her arms wrapped around her slight figure. The dark triangle around her crotch took my breath away as I anticipated the instant my erection parted the soft folds of her inner sanctuary and moans of pleasure whispered from between her pussy lips. Damn!  My erection had pushed the accelerator on my heart, and the excitement of the moment sent shivers of animal lust throughout my body. A slight smile crossed my face, and I knew just how lucky I was to be able to enjoy the tenderness of such a beautiful flower. God is good as the Christians always say to anyone who will listen. Yes, he is; he would have to surely agree in a few moments that miracles do indeed happen-if you just believe. Praise be to God!  In a few minutes, he would be feeding at the altar of the pussy and indulging in all the pleasures of her secrets.
 The mattress barely moved when she made her way onto it. The heat of her body descended between his open legs, and a moan of anticipatory pleasure cursed from his lips as she made love with her lips to his enlarged testicles. She inhaled the scent of manliness and circled his testicles expertly with her tongue. She had done this before and sucked each one clean with her tongue. He writhed in pleasurable pain clutching the sheets with both hands. He was in her domain now and with a flick of her tongue, the sweet heat of her breath, her fingers barely grazing his throbbing erection, and he would have done anything she asked of him. His erection pointed straight North with a slight lean to the left like the Leaning Tower. All he wanted her to do was introduce her beautiful mouth to his lonely cock so they could be lifelong friends. She knew what he wanted because they always wanted the same thing. Strangers would walk by her as she made her way to work and stare at her lips. They were all imagining her on her knees pleasuring them. You have perfect dick sucking lips one of her male co-workers told her as he too imagined the warmth of her mouth sucking the very life out of him. All the women in her family were blessed with lips that looked like they were capable of inflicting immense pleasure upon their men. She enjoyed giving pleasure more than she enjoyed receiving it. It made her feel powerful to make a grown man moan until he lay quivering in his own skin and begged her to stop. This john would be begging her to stop in a few minutes. She would stop when it pleased her to stop. It amused her that they always came back for more and were willing to spend whatever it took to have sex with her. One of them even went so far as to say it was like having a religious experience when all of his muscles lost the capacity to function. In that moment, she was his Goddess and her mouth the sanctuary from all the ills of the world. Pussy has the ability to fuck with a man’s brain and make him believe in things that under normal circumstances he wouldn’t give a flying fuck about. The power of the pussy is truly the 8th wonder of the world.
 She was light as a feather as she crawled up his chest stopping only to suck on his erect nipples. A week’s worth of her pubic hair grazed his lower stomach, and the suddenness of her bristly hair against his skin caused him to inhale without warning. He instinctively embraced her. Don’t touch me she whispered in his ear or I will stop. He nodded his head quickly as his lips parted to feast on her hardened dark nipples. She enjoyed it when he bit her. She would feign pain and ask him to stop. The first time he stopped but quickly learned that for her, pain meant pleasure. Without pain she was unable to reach her orgasm. Too much sex had desensitized her and she needed that extra jolt of energy to turn her on. Her other nipple found its way to his lips and she teased him by brushing it against his lower lip before feeding him again. The agony of pleasure stifled his breathing. Everything smelled of her. He wanted to drink her, taste her, and trace circles around the tiny bumps on her nipples and drink from the fountain between her legs. Secretly he knew that she wouldn’t feed his desires and that knowledge made him want her even more. It’s not about your pleasure she always told him. Even though, he was paying for the pleasure of her company.
 In one swift motion, she turned around like a top and gave him a full view of her firm beautiful ass. It was the kind of ass that when you squeezed it, your hands appeared to disappear inside of its flesh. Two to three hard smacks and her ass would turn the color of jealousy. He had tried before to count the number of freckles that dotted her ass, but by the time he reached fifty; her oral game had his legs trembling as if he was having an epileptic fit. His engorged penis pulsated with excitement, filled her tiny tight throat, and the girth of his erection made her gag momentarily. But like the champion oral surgeon that she was, she regained her rhythm and took every inch of his manhood without any complaint. He felt paralyzed as all the blood from his body made a mad rush to congregate in his erection. Momentarily, he opened his eyes and caught a look of her shaved pussy, and her excitement glistened on her pubic hair like dewdrops on early morning grass. He was thirsty and craned his neck upwards, stuck out his tongue for a taste of her juices but was unable to reach her. His arms were pinned under her shoulders. He couldn’t pull her on his face to ride his tongue, so he relaxed and continued to enjoy the pleasure she was giving to him.
 His breathing escalated as he tried in vain to relax to prolong the pleasure, but her tongue swirled around his throbbing head, and she used one hand to stroke him while the other one squeezed his balls. She pumped his cock furiously and gobs of sperm erupted like lava from a volcano. Hungrily, she drank his strength until there was nothing left. He lay there quivering as tiny orgasms rippled through his body. She released him from the sweetness of her mouth and his cock fell limply between his legs. He curled into a fetal position with both hands between his legs, and she tossed him a rag to wipe himself. It was the last one in a pack of six, and she made a mental note to buy some more tomorrow at Wal-Mart. Her workday was finally over, and she allowed herself to relax in her bed without having to do anything except sleep until the next one arrived expecting the same ultimate pleasure.



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