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Constant Craving (short story)

Constant Craving


The weather outside of Tara’s Manhattan office was perfect weather if you were a penguin. According to the weatherman, Al Roker, today would be the coldest day of the year. Inside though, Tara was seated in her cubicle experiencing extreme seasonal changes from fall to winter and now summer’s warmth was giving her heat strokes from the pulsating sun throbbing between her legs. For the past hour, Juan from the mailroom found a reason to deliver material to Tara’s row that she didn’t even need, but it was his childish way of flirting with her. Everyone knew that Juan had the hots for her, but Tara had let him know that she was happy with her man. That news didn’t deter Juan in the slightest. He was the kind of man that simply didn’t know what no meant and it just emboldened him even more. Truth be told, Tara enjoyed Juan’s harmless flirtations, and it took her mind off the fact that her fiancée hadn’t touched her for the last six months. He claimed to be a born again Christian, and because ‘God wouldn’t be happy with their nightly fornicating’ Warren had decided to shut off the dick supply until they got married in two months. Tara loved her man deeply and wanted to be supportive of her man’s newfound faith. After all, there were worse things that a man could be addicted to besides the Lord. He wasn’t out there hanging out, gambling, doing drugs or chasing women so she didn’t have much to complain about except the fact that every day for the last six months she lived in a constant state of arousal and her needs were going unfulfilled. Before he found Jesus, Warren and Tara had a sex life that porn stars would envy and his new ‘saved’ buddies would say a thousand Hail Marys until they were blue in the face if they knew how freaky Brother Warren could be. The more your body knows it will not be getting what it wants the more it craves it Tara found herself absently thinking as she read another hot email from Juan.
 Juan’s emails were innocent at first, but behind every compliment from a man is a master plan of how to separate a woman from her panties. The exact intent of his heart fluttering smile, compliments that make you wonder who in the hell is this man talking about; it’s all a well-conceived high level plan to seduce you into riding his cock into the sunset. Knowledge of someone’s intent doesn’t always equal caution and so Tara continued to dangle in front of Juan what she knew he craved for the most, her sun-ripened sweet peach pussy. There are some women that you don’t even have to guess if their pussy is the greatest creation since Play Station. The minute you set eyes on them, a message is relayed to your dick.
He was no longer satisfied with being discreet in his need to remove her from her panties, and every time he pushed the mail cart down her aisle she avoided his stare. If she looked at him, Tara knew she would be unable to keep her eyes from diverting to the bulge that always seemed present between his legs. The moistness between her legs was beginning to ache so much that she started to bring spare panties to work just in case she came on herself. She was a Gusher. When Tara had an orgasm she would wet the entire bed, and the last thing in the world she wanted was for her co-workers to witness her in all her orgasmic glory. She read a story recently on the Internet about a woman who couldn’t control her orgasms and would have them anywhere, anytime. The thought of that ever happening to her filled Tara with horror, and Juan wasn’t making it any easier on her. His latest text message to her cell phone included a picture attachment of his cock that almost made Tara gasp out loud at how thick and long it was. There was no way this could be real she convinced herself and deleted the picture from her phone but not before taking another long hungry look at it. She was behaving like a schoolgirl messing around with Juan who was seven years her junior. Ask for trouble and you will get it was what her mother always told her when Tara was fifteen and had discovered the power she had over boys and grown men.
  At thirty-two, Tara was still childless and she had always taken great care of her body. Her washboard stomach had taken literally years of constantly being in the gym and as a result her legs were fit and accentuated by a killer pear shaped ass that made heads turn wherever she went. A few years ago, she had decided to go natural and put her hair in dreads, and now they were long enough to reach her shirt collar. Warren loved her dreads, but now that he had been hanging with his Holy Rolling Brothers he was making seemingly innocent comments that maybe she should try a different look. Tara read in between his words that the HRBs were whispering in his ear that dreads weren’t becoming of the future wife of a saved brother. Home was becoming the last place she wanted to be these days. Home should be a sanctuary where you feel loved and at peace, but she wasn’t getting fucked like she had grown accustomed to, and she had the distinct impression that Warren was on the cusp of asking her to make some radical changes in her life to accommodate his newfound faith. It was just a matter of time before he asked her to join him in his daily prayer sessions with his new saved by God brothers and sisters. To appease him, Tara had gone to a few prayer meetings but she wasn’t really feeling the vibe of the church so she stopped going. There seemed to be an undercurrent of bourgeois ness to the group that she didn’t really care for. Suddenly, since God made a cameo appearance in their lives, which is always a good thing, the members of Warren’s group walk around as if their shit didn’t stink like regular #d3aa8a folks.’ They’ve just gotten better perfumes to hide the stench, but their shit still stunk and the only difference is now they hid behind their religion to mask their disdain for the less fortunate people in the community. She had hoped that Warren would see through their phoniness and come to his senses, but he was enjoying being called Brother Warren far too much to stop now. Something had to give and whatever it was, Tara had the uneasy feeling that she would end up the loser.
 The sound of Juan’s voice whispering in her ear startled Tara back to reality. She quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen him, but everyone in her aisle had left for lunch except for Ms. Cohen, an elderly Jewish lady who sat all the way to the front. Confident that no one had seen this latest brazen flirtation by Juan, Tara relaxed and turned around in her seat to face him. His ever-present bulge was directly in her line of vision, and for a brief crazy moment Tara felt the shocking urge to unzip his loose fitting jeans and release his anaconda into her mouth. The thought made Tara blush and her light skin filled with shades of red. Juan noticed the sudden change and read the situation correctly, and without missing a beat he playfully thrust his crotch towards her face to dangle what he now knew she was constantly craving. The shift in power could be felt by both of them. That one look from Tara balanced the playing field. She craved to feel his cock in her hungry, thirsty pussy. It had been too long since she had been put on a dick diet against her wishes and she prayed to find the strength to resist Juan’s urgent advances. Her pussy was losing weight and only a thick cock could feed her to get her pussy’s weight back to its normal plumpness.
Juan was a pretty Spanish boy, and normally Tara wouldn’t have given him a second look. There was a swagger about him that she admired and was drawn to it. He strutted around the office as if he was God’s gift to women, and in his own childish way, he was quite amusing. In her younger days she had fucked boys like Juan and always came away disappointed, unsatisfied and hornier than ever. Men usually never learn this lesson, that the more you give a woman, the more she’s willing to give you without you ever having to ask for it. It’s just in their natures to be givers and mothers, but men are selfish in their needs and cannot see beyond their own orgasm. Sex then becomes a chore, and not the mutual exchange of pleasure to be enjoyed by both parties.
 “You know I’m going to fuck you,” Juan had whispered in Tara’s ear when he snuck up on her.
The boldness of youth to think he would be getting any of this sweet stuff that hadn’t been tasted in months made Tara smile as Juan walked away. She knew Juan was a player, and it didn’t matter much to him that Tara hadn’t taken his bait as yet. He would be getting some pussy from somewhere else in the meantime. Men called this Reserve Pussy. It’s always available until Desired Pussy comes through. Women have their version of this also called AMEX Dick, there’s no limit to the pleasures this dick will bring, and when it’s not available they settle for Bank Card dick which at any moment could come up empty and leave you high and dry. Right now Tara was getting No Good Dick, and it was about to drive her fucking crazy. Her pussy was whispering to her again that it needed to be filled or else there would be hell to pay. For the rest of the day Tara tried to keep her mind free from the thought of dick, but everything around her seemed to be dick oriented:  someone eating a banana, a spam email advertising Viagra and the UPS and Fedex men weren’t looking too bad right about now. If her co-workers could read her mind they would think that she was a slut for indulging in the fantasies that were now constantly occupying her mind. Tara picked up her purse and headed to the restroom to try and compose her thoughts. The restroom was located on a separate floor, and she hated going there alone because it was always deserted and seemed kind of creepy.
The restroom was huge and was even outfitted with a leather couch, and after lightly touching up her face, putting on some perfume, Tara laid down on the couch and allowed her mind and body to relax. Her phone vibrating in her purse soon disturbed her temporary state of peace. It was pretty boy Juan texting her that he had a special delivery that was hard and ready to be dipped in her hot cum juices. This little boy doesn’t know that I will hurt his young ass and send him back to sucking his mommy’s titties Tara laughed to herself as she fingered her cell phone to return his text message. That familiar ache in her pussy was throbbing all throughout her pussy walls like a migraine about to explode. Without even thinking, Tara texted Juan, “I’m in the bathroom…come and fuck me.”
Tara stood in the middle of the of the bathroom watching herself in the mirror, and she felt like a feather being violently tossed around in the throes of an out of control hurricane. Her body was on fire struck by the match of desire and lust. Her panties were soaked right through with her juices. She was unashamed in her need to feel desirable and to lose control to a man she barely knew, but hoped that right now all of his talk wasn’t hype, and he wasn’t a little boy playing at being a man. She just might have to cut him if he was one of those men who couldn’t fuck worth a damn. Before she got too far ahead of herself, Tara watched the door anxiously to see if Juan would have to balls to show up and do to her what he had promising for months-to fuck the shit out of her.
Five minutes passed and Juan hadn’t shown up as yet. Feeling bitterly disappointed and cheap at having thrown herself at him, Tara got ready to leave and that’s when she heard the door to the bathroom swinging open.
“You took too long, sorry ass,” she blurted before he could say anything. She tried pushing past him but he blocked her path. She was angry that she found herself in this position of letting a man have power over her body, but craved to be held and penetrated in a way that was almost criminal. Her body was on fire and Tara wanted to feel the touch of a man owning her body and letting her know she was desirable. In her mind she knew that she was, but she needed to know in her heart that she still had what it took to turn a man on and his dick hard. After all, her husband had somehow resisted having sex with her for the last six months. How can any straight man resist a naked sexy woman with a dripping pussy laying inches away from him?  The thought infuriated Tara even more as she tried in vain to push past Juan. She raised her hand to slap him, but he caught it on the way down. In one motion he wrapped his free hand around her waist and roughly pulled her into his body. His chest was massive and Tara felt its strength through his shirt. He scented of sweat and Hugo Boss, Tara’s favorite cologne. She wasn’t going to wait for Juan to take the lead this time. This was her moment and she was in control. Even though he was at least eight inches taller than her, she would be the aggressor. She wrapped both arms around his neck and pulled his head down to kiss him. There was no resistance in Juan, his lips met hers and when heat collides, sparks will fly. Juan lifted her off the ground and they continued kissing as they made their way back into the bathroom in front of the sinks and mirrors. The heat of his kiss breathed hot oxygen into her body that at any minute Tara thought she might burst into flames. Six months of no sex, she was going to make Juan regret stepping into this bathroom.
Not wasting any time at all, Juan unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her erect nipples protruding through her #d3aa8a laced bra. With fingers of a seasoned professional, Juan unclasped the hooks of her bra and Tara’s 38C breasts were fully exposed to his hungry eyes. Her nipples were the size of nickels and thick like the African women in those National Geographic specials and swayed softly like a feather caught in an inadvertent breeze. Juan’s tongue anchored them as he greedily sucked on her left nipple, the most sensitive one. A soft cry escaped Tara’s lips and her knees buckled as she felt the impending waves of a powerful orgasm gaining momentum behind her throbbing pussy walls. Juan was listening to her body and using his lips and fingers to find the right rhythm to release Tara’s passion. He was sucking and gently biting her nipples just the way she loved it, and often wished Warren would do the same. She would always cry out as if in pain and this would make him stop even after she reassured him that it was sweet pain and she loved it. Juan didn’t care if she was in pain or not. All he wanted to do was fuck her without any regards to how she was feeling. That’s all she wanted right now:  no words of love or caring just a thick hard shaft dipping in and out of her wetness. Juan had found her other weak spot, her neck. He bit her softly but she breathed in his ears to bite her harder. Tara was swimming in a sea of hypnotic passion and she urged Juan to have his way with her.
“Do what you said you were gonna do. Fuck me like you own me.”
The thirst in Tara’s pussy was so powerful that she didn’t even try to stop the warm juices that had flowed undeterred down her shaved pussy and along her inner thighs. The warmth of it trickling down her legs turned her on even more. Through her skirt, Juan palmed her ass as if he was testing the ripeness of a pair of cantaloupes. Upon finding them to his liking, he delved deeper to extract its sweetness nestled between her chocolate thighs. Before he could insert a finger inside of her, Tara stopped him. After so many months of being dick deprived, the first thing she wanted to feel inside of her was a dick and not a finger. She was naked in the ladies restroom and more turned on than she had been in her entire life. She didn’t care if someone walked through the bathroom door right now. It wouldn’t stop her from having what she had been constantly craving for the last six months.
Juan’s erection was still trapped in his jeans. Tara caressed his erection through his jeans fabric and felt it growing in size with each hand stroke. She undid his belt allowing his pants to fall to the floor, and she followed it down, falling to her knees. The #d3aa8a tiles were cold against her knees but that didn’t register in Tara’s mind. Above her head was a thing of beauty bobbing back and forth across her face, heavy with the weight of its girth casting a shadow over her face. The boy was hung. Using both hands, Tara wrapped them around his penis and started to manipulate his shaft. Juan was moaning so loudly that anyone passing outside would hear him, but his pleasure was turning Tara on so much that she wanted to please him even more. Her lips, moist from licking them in anticipation of sucking Juan’s cock lightly touched his pulsating cock head, and she sucked it like a baby trying to get milk from a bottle. His knees buckled at the strength of her lips, and he too fell to his knees. Tara bent her head lower; her ass rose in the air, she lifted his erection and took both of his #d3aa8a balls in her mouth. She felt the shudder of excitement race through Juan’s body as she licked and ran her tongue all over them. He was impatient and tried to steer her head back to his cock. She was hungry to be feed so she let him guide it into her mouth. Tara couldn’t believe she was on the bathroom floor with Juan’s cock in her mouth and behaving like a whore. She suddenly had the thought again that someone could walk into the bathroom and catch her in this compromising position. The thought turned Tara on even more and she took Juan’s entire erection into her mouth hungrily devouring it. She had forgotten how it felt to have a man’s pulsating cock in her mouth and having complete control of his body. Juan struggled to stay composed, but with Tara’s cock sucking skills the effort was futile. Unable to wait any longer he lifted her off the floor, turned her around to look at them in the mirror, and he disappeared below her waist. Her shaved pussy was moist and heat emanated from it. Juan swore if he stayed there for at least an hour he would have gotten a suntan. He bit into her ass like it was a red delicious apple and Tara moaned her approval by thrusting her ass into his face. Juan burrowed his face between Tara’s heated ass cheeks and licked everywhere that his tongue could reach. He lifted her slightly off the ground and she came down with her clit between his lips. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably and her orgasm was pounding at her pussy walls trying to break free, but Tara clenched her vagina muscles and held it at bay-at least for now. Juan had regained control in this seesaw battle as Tara whimpered, moaned and cried all in the same breath. Juan’s lips closed on her clitoris and Tara was awash in lust and passion. He was literally sucking her brains from her body and making her stupid. She had underestimated the prowess of this ‘little boy’ as she had so dismissively called him, but before she crowned him king and allowed him into her hidden treasure, he would have to prove that he could go the distance.
The room appeared to be spinning for a second as Juan got up from the floor and used the sink to brace himself. Tara turned around and her lips were attached to Juan’s cock again, and she seemed to be talking to it but he couldn’t be sure. He was still in disbelief that he was fucking the finest girl in the company in the bathroom. His boys wouldn’t believe him when he told them that he had fucked Tara Gordon, the Black Princess as she was called by all of them. He would need some sort of proof to take back with him. In his hands, he had the opportunity of a lifetime and he wanted to fuck her so sweetly that she would come back for more, and maybe even tell her friends about her Spanish daddy. His cock had reached maximum length of ten inches and it glistened under the bathroom lights with the fluids from Tara’s mouth. She was a thing of perfection to behold, and their eyes made contact in the bathroom mirror. It was time. Tara closed her eyes so she could feel the pulse of Juan’s cock when it invaded her wetlands. Her back was bent and her ass levitated in the air. She reached behind her and found what she was looking for and guided the fat head of his cock into her pussy. His knees bent slightly and he torpedoed his erection deep inside of her. The swiftness of his action caught Tara off guard as Juan pumped his cock deep inside of her. Every stroke was met with a moan of sweet joy being released from her pussy. His dick was pumping life back into her body and she was alive once again. The force of his thrusts rammed her head into the sink. She would feel the pain of it later, but for now all she could feel were tingling sensations coursing through her body. Her blood was boiling hot, her pussy ached and stretched to accommodate Juan’s fat cock. He grabbed her by her elbows and pulled her body into him. Tara rotated her ass a few times to get maximum penetration for each of his thrusts. Tara could literally feel him in her stomach each time he penetrated her. She collapsed her vagina muscles and held his erection captive. She wished to keep this memory as he slipped outside of her and the head of his penis bobbed back and forth between her ass cheeks then came to an enquiring stop by her anus. The weight of his erection throbbing against her anus and in one maddening moment made Tara believe that she could accommodate having ten inches of rock hard cock filling her tiniest of orifices. Seemingly with a mind of its own his cock slipped further down and he fed her just his cock head. Tara tried leaning back to allow every inch of his cock to fill the soft tender flesh of her pussy, but Juan resisted. He teased her mercilessly as she begged him to fuck her. Finally he relented and sank the full length of his erection deep into the waiting wet darkness of Tara’s pussy. She groaned her pleasure as beads of sweat trickled down her back and without stopping raced down the narrow strip between the two halves of her rounded plump ass. With each thrust, Juan’s balls slammed viciously against her ass and she loosened his grip from her elbow to reach between her legs to massage his balls. Between her hand stimulation and a pussy still hungry for more cock, Juan was about to drain his superpowers into Tara’s waiting abyss. That’s when they heard voices and the sound of high heels clicking against the #d3aa8a tiles. For a moment they both froze before Juan still positioned behind Tara grabbed her by the waist with his cock still inside Tara and walked them to the nearest stall.
The laughter of the two ladies filled the cavernous bathroom causing an echo. They were talking about the new guy, Steve Williams, and if they had a man like him at home, they would definitely make use of that pipe he was swinging between his legs. Juan whispered in Tara’s ears that Steve was gay and his pipe swinging was reserved for his boyfriend. She stifled her shock and amusement. Steve didn’t fit the stereotype of being a homosexual:  he was well built; completely masculine and he seemed to have an eye for the ladies. With all the down low brothers these days you never knew which ones liked playing in dirt or liked getting their dick wet in a pussy. Tara couldn’t imagine Steve as being a receiver; that brother had to be giving out the dick and not taking it. Right now, Tara was the receiver and proud of it. She manipulated her body into a position so she could look into Juan’s eyes as he pumped his cock inside of her. Tara had managed to climb into Juan’s arms and wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. His hands, rough and filled with calluses palmed her ass spreading it open as his cock sought refuge into her waiting vagina. His rapid gunfire thrusting had Tara biting her lips and choking on her screams of ecstasy so the ladies wouldn’t hear her. They were talking and laughing so loudly that they couldn’t her the squishing sounds of Juan’s cock getting drowned inside her wet pussy. It sounded like when you put your foot in a pair of wet rubber boots and walk around in them.
Finally they left, unaware of the show they were missing just a few feet away from them. Tara was exhausted from the beating her pussy was taking, and with a few more strokes from Juan she would lose her mind. Sweat drenched from both their bodies mixed with the scent of their juices formed to make a sex cocktail. His cock got even harder and she knew that Juan was about to blow his load deep in the bowels of her pussy, and she urged him home. His face was contorted into something so frightening that if Tara had seen this face anywhere else she would have run for dear life. Juan arched his back backwards, tilted his head skyward and released a jet stream of hot cum inside of her, which triggered Tara’s own orgasm. She screamed out a few expletives to God that she hoped he hadn’t somehow heard. Hot streams of cum caged for far too long sprang from Tara’s pussy splattering all over the #d3aa8a tile. The stream continued to flow with Juan’s cock still buried inside of her and pumping her without any end in sight. She begged and pleaded with him to stop but he wouldn’t. Secretly she was happy that he disobeyed her and continued fucking her like her pussy demanded to be violated and fucked by him. She continued to gush uncontrollably like a fire hydrant left on too long during the summer to cool off little boys and girls. She uncurled her legs and arms from around Juan’s body, but her body was zapped of almost all its strength from being dick downed. Tara assumed the position by leaning over the toilet bowl and her pussy placed directly over it and continued to gush. Juan had never seen anything like this before and had only read about women who gushed like Tara. He thought it had been a myth, but now it made him feel empowered that he was able to bring her to such an extended orgasmic pleasure. Finally, it slowed to a steady stream, then a leak and then it was over.
“I needed that. You were simply amazing. Good to know that a man can finally back up his mouth.”
“I told you, now I guess I proved it. Whenever you want some more of this you know where to find me.”  They both laughed because Juan knew she would be back. He had given her a taste of the crack dick, and once you’ve had crack it’s a motherfucker to wean yourself off that drug.
They were both hurriedly trying to get dressed. Lunchtime was over and they would have to come up with an excuse for taking an extended lunch. Tara couldn’t care less at the moment. Her pussy was smiling and happy. Warren had better shape up quickly or else Juan would definitely be getting some more of her good loving. For the first time in six months, she would go to bed content without an ache throbbing between her legs. Making sure no one had entered the bathroom, she quickly gave her dreads a quick fix, dabbed some water on her face and headed for the door. His dick felt like it was still lodged inside of her pussy and she was walking on three legs. Lunch had been fantastic. There is nothing better than some fantastic dick for lunch to get a girl smiling again.














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