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Caribbean Passion (short story)

Caribbean Passion

Under the warmth of the Caribbean sun, Joye lay naked, face down on the beach as the sun warmed her copper colored ass with its soothing touch. The sunrays felt like the hands of a beautiful #d3aa8a man massaging her stressed muscles, and everywhere he touched felt like she was being touched for the very first time. With each passing minute the sun rose higher and higher, and its heat more intense. Joye wished life could be like this every day and she could just bask under the sun with no worries on her mind.
 The life of an up and coming music star had its perks, but when you have everyone from family, friends and the record label wanting a piece of you at the end of the day it’s easy to forget who you are and why music is your passion. Knowing that she needed some quiet time for herself, Joye Grey booked a flight to Antigua, a small island in the Caribbean, without telling anyone in her camp where she was going. For the next few days, and for the first time in what felt like years, she was alone with her thoughts. There was no one to fuss over her and it felt good to be alone.
By any standard Joye was a beautiful woman. Her eyes were oval and naturally gray and filled with innocent seduction. She wore her hair in shoulder length dreadlocks. She possessed a smile that would make even an atheist accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. She was a small woman at 5’3 and in great shape. Her voice dripped of honey when she spoke, and just merely saying hello to a man would instantly give him the misconception that he had a chance at getting in her panties. Her record label marketed her as a sexy modern day Dorothy Dandridge, with a twist of kick ass Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown and the image that was being cultivated couldn’t be further from who she truly was at heart a simple country girl from South Carolina who had made it big and was still sweet at heart. Men were even more endeared to her because she didn’t see herself as sexy or beautiful even though she heard the compliments and whistles every day. All her life men had fussed over her and wanted to own her without even first trying to find out the story of her heart. At twenty-five, she could spot the gamers before they even smiled and let her know what they could do for her. She let them know she could do for herself, and kept on walking. They would stare at her ass seemingly mesmerized as it swayed gently from side to side like a palm tree caught in a wind dance. Every sway was telling them no when all they wanted to hear was yes and her screams of passion as they violated the privacy nestled moistly between her inner thighs. Joye yearned to feel the touch of a man’s hands and lips all over her starving body. She had gone on a sexless diet for the past year, which included no masturbation. In her mind, any sort of physical contact that brought pleasure was sex. In the past few weeks, it had gotten so bad that merely feeling the silky fabric of her panties rubbing against her throbbing clit stimulated her, and would make her moist. There was a storm brewing down below and the weatherman had predicted it would be raining for days if she was ravished and devoured by the right man.
One of the maids at the hotel had suggested this secluded little hideaway to Joye. It looks like heaven she said, and by the way she smiled with reminisce it was obvious that it held special memories for her. Joye took her advice rented a Jeep and half an hour later she was laying naked on the whitest sand she had ever seen in her young life. She lay there lost in her thoughts with the sound of the crashing waves and chirping birds as background music. Every thought she had would bring her back to the ache she felt throbbing between her legs, and her pussy begged for any kind of release. Lying naked on a beach in the Caribbean wasn’t making it any better, and she laughed out loud at the irony of the situation. The islands are where you can be anonymous and allow your inhibitions to come out and play.
 Joye turned over to finish her sun massage and it thrilled her to be so exposed under a beautiful blue sky and no prying eyes to ogle her. She opened her legs to let the sun’s warmth shine deep inside of her hungry pussy. Every few seconds she would turn to the angle where the heat was most intense and let it fill her up like a rainbow exploding over the horizon. Her imagination had her flying across the sky, but she stopped herself from inserting her fingers into her already moist sweetness. The way she was feeling at this moment, a finger just wouldn’t do. Dizzy from the desire that was consuming her body, and turning her mind into mush, Joye quickly got up and dove into the ocean to cool her body down before she overheated from desire and exploded into nothingness.
Her naked bronzed body shot through the warm water as if it had been shot from cannon in a circus. Swimming alongside her were fish of every color of the rainbow. They were so close that if Joye opened her mouth they might swim in and be an early dinner. Joye felt like a beautiful #d3aa8a mermaid swimming along aimlessly with her school of fish. These are the moments that make life worth living she thought to herself before coming up for air.
The hideaway looked like a painting from a postcard. The sand glistened under the heat of the sun, a soft breeze whispered through the coconut trees and the water was so warm it felt like she was in a Jacuzzi. Everything was idyllic except for being alone. Not wanting to feel the melancholy that loneliness can sometimes bring she got ready to dive into the ocean and find another school of fish to keep her company when an object  caught her eye in the far off distance. The glare of the sun blinded her vision as she tried to shield her eyes to get a better look. Coming towards her, jogging at a leisurely pace was a man, a naked man. She stood in the water unsure of what to do next, but she was certain that having a naked man seeing her naked body wasn’t on her list of ‘things to do while on vacation. Joye dove under water and hoped that if she stayed there long enough that he would just jog his naked ass on by her. Finally, she ran out of air, resurfaced and as she blinked away water from her eyes, his naked #d3aa8a body filled her vision. Her mind told her to turn away, but her stare was unblinking at his magnificence. Behind him the sun cast its light on his body, and his shadow made him seem even more imposing. He had the sinewy body of runner, and he was that sexy dark chocolate like Morris Chestnut or Taye Diggs. Joye tried to lift her eyes away from his nakedness or at least close them, but his manhood swayed hypnotically and seemed to be teasing her senses. The water had suddenly gotten unbearably hot and she was trapped in it. She was naked and even though she was up to her neck in the water, it was so clear that she was certain he could see what most men would give their right arm to get a peek.
“You startled me when you came up for air,” he finally spoke. His accent was a mixture of island pathos and someone who had been away to America for far too long. You can always tell because West Indians sometimes overly enunciate their words to compensate for their accents. He didn’t seem aware of his nakedness as he spoke casually and stepped into the water. She wanted to run and put some clothes on and at least then she would feel safer in his presence.
“I didn’t know anyone came here,” a familiar voice escaped her throat but sounded unsure and far younger than her age.
“Don’t dig anything. You’re the first person I’ve seen here in a long time,” he was getting closer. So close that she could now feel his energy rippling through the water and surrounding her like a whirlpool. At any minute she could get sucked in, but she kept her composure and slowly backed away casually. He could be a killer for all she knew. A killer with a deadly smile and a long swaying #d3aa8a dick that was two arm lengths away from her. She could reach out and shake its hand. He seemed to read her apprehension at the situation and backed away also. Well, if he was going to kill her, the least he could do was give her a taste of that sweet Mandingo dick. Joye hated having these sort of lustful thoughts, but she couldn’t help herself. She was horny and needed to be devoured.
“No need to worry love, you are safe,” and he smiled the smile of a man who was confident in his abilities to capture the attention of the opposite sex without resorting to violence. These were the worst kinds of guys in her mind. Cock sure that they could charm any woman out of her thong with a smile and some sweet words to get her wet. Joye had already done all the work for him. She was naked in clear blue ocean water with a naked man that would make any woman swoon with lust. Without quite knowing why, Joye allowed herself to relax. They exchanged names and a cautious conversation ensued for the next hour. His name was Denny, and he had come back to visit his family for a few days before starting his job as a photographer for an up and coming magazine.
He dove underwater and she was left standing there alone. He resurfaced behind her without her even knowing it, and she was inches away from his face when she turned around. Joye held her breath to steady her nerves, and had the sudden thought to climb Denny like a coconut tree and lick the salt water dripping down his bald head and on to his face and lips. He searched her face for the answer that his lips were asking, and she answered him with her eyes. All she wanted was to taste his lips and suck on them like a piece of mango fruit, and have the sensation of its juices burst inside her mouth. Joye was thirsty and the urge to be devoured and ravaged by this stranger on a strange island felt right. She knew it was wrong but her body was hungry and screaming to be fed.
 All Denny had to do was reach for her and she would be his on this hot island summer day. His throat was dry, and looking at her suddenly reminded him of a glass of lemonade. He wanted to taste her slowly to quench his thirst. Denny saw that familiar look in Joye’s eyes of a woman’s intense desire to be held and have someone touch them until the ache that was born in their hearts and made its way to their pussy subsided. He had the cure for that ache and pushed his way through the water. He reached for her hand and beckoned her to follow him. They both dove underwater to temporarily cool off the lust that had enveloped their bodies, but the nature of a man and a woman can be a beast when its urges aren’t fed and caution is thrown to the wind. Side by side they swam together and their bodies inadvertently touching. Denny could feel his arousal becoming more than just a thought. His erection rippled through the water like a sail caught in a stiff breeze, and he reached for Joye but she was already there. They rose from under the water with her legs somehow wrapped around his waist, and his face buried in her bosom. He kissed her with a thousand kisses and she wished it was a million more and counting. His erection bobbed up and down below her, and her pussy opened with anticipation of having him deep inside her wetness. She whispered in his ears the words that every man wants to hear from a beautiful woman, ‘take me’. Always give a woman what she asks for, not what you want to give her had always been his father’s mantra to Denny when he started dating in high school. Denny carried Joye back to shore and proceeded to grant every wish she made while laying naked earlier that afternoon under the Caribbean sun.

Evening had now fallen and the sun retreated beyond the horizon to its place of rest, and in its place filling the sky with passionate orange was a full moon. Somewhere in the distance the sounds of Calypso music danced on the night breeze, and Joye for a brief moment thought she was dreaming. Beneath her towel the sand was still warm from their passionate lovemaking earlier and the heat that had escaped her body from making love two hours ago to Denny had returned with a greater intensity. He lay sleeping soundly next to her on his stomach and every few seconds a whistling snore would escape his lips. It reminded her of a train pulling into a subway station in New York. He looked so peaceful as he slept, and a slight smile creased the corners of his lips as if he was replaying the pleasures he and Joye had experienced earlier. It was unlike Joye to allow her sexual desires to overpower her common sense, but when he looked at her with those soft brown eyes and he kissed her with an intensity she had never felt before. For Joye, common sense went out the window and primitive lust to be ravished by a man took over her famished pussy as she allowed him to take her again.
 His breathing was even, rhythmic and smooth reminiscent of the strokes he administered to her body under a hot Caribbean sun earlier that afternoon. There was too much space between their bodies now, and she wanted to feel his body heat cascading over her like water going over a waterfall. She laid her head on his hairless chest and felt his heart beating in the palm of her hands. Joye allowed her mind to wander to the passion she had experienced with this man she barely knew who now had intimate knowledge of her body. Denny had touched her body making her feel things that left her quivering and in convulsions. Now that the shoe was on the other foot and she now knew how her previous lover felt when they were about to climax. She felt like a puppet in his arms and every string he pulled brought her closer to a place no man had ever taken her before. Joye had become adept at faking orgasms because experience had taught her that telling a man the truth about his sexual performance especially during the middle of sex would cause the loss of his erection. Her last boyfriend was amazed at how great a lover he was by the sounds she made every time they made love. His last girlfriend was the one with the problem he thought because she always said his dick was too little, and sex with him was like having sex with a little kid. And now here was Denny making her feel like a woman for the first time in her life.
 The moonlight shone on their naked bodies and made a spotlight on Denny’s firm ass. An overpowering urge to fondle it came over Joye, but she resisted and let her gaze wander to the ocean. The sounds of water splashing against rocks and finding its way to the sand a few feet away was music to Joye’s ears. The beginnings of a song was born and she started humming it out loud, “gotta keep holding on,” she said it over in her mind a few times and made a mental note to remember this line. In six months, Joye would have a number one song on her hands.
  The sweet songs of an angel singing to the night sky awakened Denny. Joye’s back was turned to him as she gazed into the ocean and visualized her future as an international singing star. His eyes admired her full beauty and drank it greedily. He felt his manhood rising again in anticipation of finding the heat hiding between Joye’s chocolate thighs. The thought of what they had shared earlier sent a shiver down his spine, and he wanted more of the passion that had swept over them leaving them spent and gasping for breath. Even though she was tiny, a tiger lived inside her body and she met Denny’s every deep stroke with empathic moans. His thrusts felt like heat missiles navigating their way through her hot pussy. Her pussy was hungry and demanded to be fed. A self-imposed no dick diet had her hormones ravaging out of control. When the wind blew her nipples would get hard, hearing the voice of a sexy male would make her panties moist and when Denny touched her-it was all she wrote. She rode his cock like a raging bull out of control and Denny hung on for dear life as he waited for her storm to pass, but it didn’t. She was in a trancelike state and couldn’t stop herself. She had heard that dick could be addictive but this was ridiculous. It was like a thing growing inside of with tentacles, and every tentacle was touching a virgin nerve in her throbbing pussy and his cock was at the center of this erect entity navigating her ecstasy. A piercing scream of passion filled the night air, and if there was anyone within hearing distance, they would surely have called the cops to investigate Joye’s screams of orgasmic pleasure. And then seemingly all the tentacles conspired to concentrate on Joye’s swollen plum clitoris: stroking, teasing, caressing it until she released all her pent up juices all over Denny’s dick leaving him drowning in pussy juice. They lay spent in each other’s arms and drifted into the world of sleep with smiles on their face, and the rest of the evening waiting for them.
 Denny tiptoed behind Joye and wrapped his arms around her naked body. He kissed the back of her neck, and if she were sugar she would have melted in the sand never to be seen again. How could a man she barely knew have this kind of effect on her body and mind she wondered again to herself?  This was some crazy ass television shit and didn’t make any damn sense. His half-swollen erection dangled between Denny’s legs and came to rest between Joye’s ass cheeks. She could feel him coming to life and his erection gently spread her open. She knew it wouldn’t be long before they were swept away in a sea of passion. The contrast between the heat emanating from their bodies and her feet sinking lower and lower in the wet sand made her unsteady, but Denny’s firm hands were wrapped around her tiny waist. In his hands she felt so small but safe. If tonight would be the only night they would ever spend together then she wanted him to take her to that place she visited earlier. A night like this can last forever and can be replayed over and over again when those lonely nights came to visit.
 It usually took Denny longer than this to get going again, but seeing Joye’s naked body shrouded in moonlight sent a rush of blood rocketing through his body and it was all concentrated in one place. His eyes were closed and like a blind man he used his sense of touch to maneuver his way around the fire he felt between his hands. It reminded him of putting his hands close to the fire to feel its warmth. Just close enough so he wouldn’t get burned, but he was way past that stage with her. Common sense told him that she was just here for vacation, and probably had a boyfriend back home. She had that special something “it” that had his mind spinning in ways he never knew it could spin. It’s true what they say: when it bites you there’s no sweeter pain. You just want it again and again.
 Joye wanted to see his eyes, feel the hands that had set her heart on fire so she turned around to meet his stare. In his eyes she saw how much he wanted her. It was a reflection of how she was feeling, and the urgency of how much they wanted to be inside each other, like a hand inside a glove, he fit her perfectly and it was as if he had always been inside of her. In one swift motion he put his hands on her waist, lifted her into the air and she descended slowly on his pulsating heat missile. A sweet gasp escaped her throat but didn’t go beyond her lips as she momentarily struggled to catch her groove. They found it together and it’s a beautiful thing when that happens. The strength of Denny’s thrusts would propel her into the air as if his cock was a trampoline. At the instant of impact he would cradle her ass and she would ease down his sinewy thick cock like a stripper sliding down a greased pole to be refilled again and again. She kissed him everywhere on his face, neck and his baldhead as she bounced up and down on his erection. She marveled at how strong his hands were, but at the same time so soft and gentle. She was in heaven and didn’t even realize that Denny had raised her above his shoulders and she was sitting on his face, legs wrapped around his head she urged him by spanning his baldhead like a basketball to taste all her juices. The man was a magician. Every lick and suck released a groan of pleasure from both her lips. Denny was indeed The Pussy Whisperer and had Joye’s pussy speaking in tongues that would make a comedian blush. His baldhead glistened with her juices under the soft glare of the moonlight. The moment was picturesque:  two naked bodies, beautiful moonlight immortalizing the moment, soft music of the waves kissing against the shore were all being committed to memory by Joye and Denny.
 Denny had a fetish for nectar that he couldn’t explain, and as he drank from Joye’s overflowing cup of life he knew that this couldn’t end here. That somehow what they were sharing wasn’t meant to be something frivolous, some sort of momentary diversion. How did she feel?  Was he just an island Mandingo sent here to give her pleasure or could he be more than that?  He pushed those questions to the darkest part of his mind and quickly went back to the pleasure at hand. Joye entertained the same questions, but she had a few unresolved issues back in New York to deal with before she could even consider any sort of relationship with Denny. But, that’s the beauty of the dreaming; it allows you a momentary diversion from the reality of your everyday life even when you somehow know that your head is in the clouds, but that doesn’t matter. A smile is on your face, your worries are temporarily forgotten and the pleasures of the body finally meet the expectations of all your cravings. Joye and Denny would soon confront all their unanswered questions, but for now they allowed their bodies and minds to merge into a single thought of pleasure. Together they would push the boundaries of all they had come to know, but always secretly believing that there was something better just barely of out of reach. Maybe now, everything they had dreamed about in silence had come to fruition. Maybe this time, life would live up to the ideal.
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