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Can’t Get No Satisfaction (short story)

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Tanya curled up in a fetal position in bed with a fire of pent-up sexual energy circulating in her already wet but unsatisfied pussy. Frustration masked the pain aching between her legs and she was waiting to erupt at the slightest provocation. A wayward cool summer breeze drifted in through the window above her head and kissed her nipples seductively, in a way that Reed Stronger hadn’t been able to arouse her. The cool sensation lingered over her naked body and it momentarily soothed her horniness. Reed’s idea of foreplay had been to reach for her hand and put it on his erect manhood-as if that would be enough to turn on the fire simmering in her pussy. He expected her to be like some goddamn porn star and drop to her knees to start sucking his cock. There was no way she was about to stick something in her mouth that wasn’t hers. He was always bragging about his sexual exploits at work and how his previous lovers begged him to stop because his deep strokes were just too damn much for them to handle. Reed was one of these Negroes who equated his manhood with the length of his cock and how many women he could fuck before his dick dropped off. It's true what they say, Tanya thought to herself- you can’t judge a book by its cover. Reed was a strapping #d3aa8a man and built like a linebacker. He worked out six days a week and his body was truly a work of art. He could turn a straight man gay, and she often would catch some of her straight male co-workers giving Reed the eye as he strutted around the office like a #d3aa8a peacock on display. Tanya believed that somewhere buried deep inside a few of her male co-workers lived a secret wish to get a taste of Reed’s self-proclaimed massive manhood. Tanya wasn’t quite sure that maybe Reed did swing both ways. There was something not kosher about him, but she could never quite put her finger on it. She dismissed her doubts as just thoughts of a woman thinking that all men are dogs and the recent media frenzy of equating every well-dressed, well spoken, educated, financially secure, fashion conscious #d3aa8a man as being on the ‘down-low’. With so many other things to worry about when it came to dating, the last thing Tanya wanted to think about was the possibility that a fine ass #d3aa8a man who found her attractive could be gay. Can a sister get a break or does everything have to come with its own inherent drama?
 The night had started off quite promising. Reed picked her up on time and he was looking as if he had stepped off the pages of Ebony GQ. He brought a single red rose and engulfed her tiny body into his arms. His scent was a mixture of Polo by Ralph Lauren and Irish Spring soap with a hint of a fragrance from Bath & Body. Tanya almost whispered in his ear that dinner was ready to be served hot right between her thighs and an extra helping of a sweet cherry that hadn’t been tasted in six months was his for the licking, but she decided to let him earn it for all the shit that he bragged he could do to a woman. She should’ve listened to her first instinct that men who talk too much about how great they are in bed-can’t do shit but be like Montel and talk, talk, talk.
 Tanya could feel Reed’s eyes on her as he opened the passenger door of his #d3aa8a Cherokee Jeep and she took her time to get in-giving him a full view of what was on the menu for the evening. She had made the right choice by choosing a clingy #d3aa8a strapless dress for the evening. It accentuated the curves that stayed hidden but were revealed for occasions like these. If Reed played his cards right, he would definitely find out what lay hidden under her dress and floss-like red thong. She had toyed with the idea of not wearing any panties. Tanya was blessed with an ass that nodded hello to everyone when she walked by. Wearing a thong wouldn’t help to stop the stares she had endured all her life, but Tanya didn’t mind that men admired her body. What she despised were the ones who openly ogled her and made no attempts to disguise their arousal. She could literally see their dicks growing in their pants when she walked by. As a young girl, such attention used to be flattering that she had so much power of a man’s erection, but now, as an adult, it saddened her that her ass got top billing over her other attributes. The way she was dressed tonight, what man in his right would want to talk instead of spreading her open and tasting the delicacy simmering between her closed legs. She would have been better off staying at home, watching a Lifetime movie with a tub of Strawberry ice cream.
 Reed was fast asleep and snoring like a man without a care in the world. A hint of a smug smile seemed to be forming on his face every time he snored, but Tanya couldn’t be sure because she was too angry to look at him for too long. How could an evening filled with so much promise fizzle out so quickly and unexpectedly?  She had done everything right:  sexy dress, alluring perfume, great conversation, and all throughout dinner they had both been very flirtatious. When Reed leaned in and held her hand and took her finger into his mouth to lick off some strawberry ice cream, Tanya felt her clit jump for joy and they both smiled. Tonight, they were going to get some. There was no way to know that her finger being licked would be the highlight of the evening.
 “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Mr. Stronger,” Tanya had said in her most unassuming seductive voice as they stood in front of the door to her apartment. It was late. The kind of late where either people are sleeping or fucking, and she sure as hell didn’t wear this dress to go straight to sleep. She hoped to be the latter. Tanya’s body burned to be touched and her mind was racing ahead to the things Reed would do to her once they got inside of her apartment. She didn’t want to seem too desperate or worse come off looking like a slut. She wanted Reed to take the initiative to finesse his way into her apartment and into her panties. The bait was dangling right in front of his face. All he had to was stick his tongue out and taste it.
 “The pleasure is all mine,” he responded in a smooth voice that was designed purely to overheat her panties and get Tanya to jump out of them and ride his curved cock.
Tanya fidgeted in her bag trying to locate her keys while her back was turned to Reed. She didn’t want him to see the impact he was having on her-at least not yet. “I still don’t know why you decided to finally go out with me,” he spoke to her back but his eyes were fondling her ass. “I’ve been trying to talk to you for months and you wouldn’t give me the time of day. Then all of a sudden you drop me an email and invite me for dinner.”
 “Are you complaining?”  She had turned back to face him and caught his eyes glued to her ass.
 “Nah. Just caught me off guard, that’s all.”
 There was no space in between them now, and there was no mistaking he was erect and ready to launch. The scent of his cologne hung in the air and breathing it only made her throbbing clit stick out from under her red thong like the tip of an erect tongue. She was blessed with a huge clit that when aroused, it peeked out from behind the folds of her vagina like a shy girl afraid to show her beauty. As a teenager, she thought she was a freak of nature for having such a huge clitoris, but when she discovered the immense pleasures that came with it-she quickly changed her mind. The word no was a word that would have no meaning for tonight, and when Reed bent down to kiss her, Tanya wrapped her slender arms around his massive neck and snaked her tongue in between his lips. His breath was hot and Tanya succumbed to the heat of the fire that was burning inside Reed for her. The door swung open and Reed kicked it shut behind them. His erection struggled to be released in his pants but remained trapped until Tanya decided to set him free to roam the wilds of her jungle. He cupped her ass in his huge palms and squeezed it as if he had done it a million times before. A guttural moan rumbled in his throat and escaped his lips. The fires of hell consumed Tanya’s electrified body and she silently screamed at him to fuck her until her pussy fell off. She was naked in her living room except for her panties that were weighed down from her nectar that was only seconds away from overflowing the skimpy string of her thong underwear. Reed fell to his knees looked up at Tanya standing over him and positioned his lips right on her throbbing nectar. He sucked her clitoris like he was having spaghetti for dinner. He was sucking it too hard, too eagerly, and she had to calm him down and help him to find a rhythm before he came all over her newly pedicured feet. Tonight, she didn’t want her clit sucked. She needed to be fucked. All she wanted was to be stretched open and filled with a thick cock that knew how to get the job done without instruction. Reed had wriggled out of his pants and his erection curved to the left and pointed skyward in the launching position. He wanted Tanya to use those lips of hers that were made to suck cock. The first day he saw her at work that’s the first thought that leaped into his mind. Reed didn’t care to know to her name or her job qualifications. All he wanted to know was could those full sensuous red lips suck him into a coma. He had prayed for this night when he hired her to be his Executive Assistant. If she could suck and fuck as good as she ran his office, he would have a story to tell the guys over drinks tomorrow after work.
 Tanya had a hard and fast rule when it came to the first date. NO DICK SUCKING!  No matter how much they had all begged in the past, she refused to give them the added pleasure. All men are the same, they see a mouth attached to full lips and automatically they think it’s made to suck dick and nothing else. Well, her pussy was more than good enough to satisfy any man so she avoided Reed’s not too subtle request for the pleasure of her lips. Knowing how fragile a man’s ego can be when he doesn’t get his way, Tanya threw him a bone by manipulating his erection in her hands. That seemed to pacify Reed and he reached to feel the heat throbbing between Tanya’s legs and expertly pulled her thong off in one swift motion. And that’s when it happened-or didn’t happen.
 “Damn baby I’ve never had such a tight pussy before,” he gasped as he tried unsuccessfully to penetrate her. He had swiftly donned a Magnum condom and was ready for action.
 Story of my life Tanya thought to herself as she arched her back and spread her legs wider to make it easier for Reed to enter her. She had been blessed with a pussy as tight as a clenched fist, and the men who had been fortunate enough to get their condom wrapped dick inside of her were always amazed that a pussy could be so tight. Their exclamations of wonderment always caused Tanya to wonder what kind of loose, flabby ass pussies these Negroes had been getting into before her. It filled her with an extra confidence that she was still tight and gave the illusion that few men had enjoyed the pleasure of having sex with her. The heat generated by their bodies made Tanya’s bedroom feel like a sauna. Her body was drenched in sweat and a shiver ran through her when Reed scooped her up and laid her down on her stomach, but she turned around before he could prop her ass in the air to slide in from the back. She knew what she wanted, and she would be damned if she wasn’t going to get it. As long as you held the pussy-you called the shots. Most guys are too smooth to beg for the pussy so they always make it seem like you want it more than them. BULLSHIT!  The power of a good pussy is currency that should be held at a premium, and right now, Tanya made up her mind to spend this hard earned pussy currency.
 Reed eased his throbbing erection inside Tanya’s tightness and the weight of his body pressed down on her protruding clitoris. He thrust deep inside her, and her clitoris felt like an angry doorbell being pressed too hard. Reed was massive and his cock felt like a fist being pounded mercilessly into her wetness. They were in a rhythm now and Tanya’s breathing became labored, every breath was hot and intoxicated with passion. Then without warning, she felt Reed’s erection pulsating out of control as if it was having an asthma attack and his body became stiff like rigamortis had taken over his body.
 “I’m coming baby!”
 You have to be kidding Tanya wanted to scream in Reed’s ears as she tried in vain to slow down his excited rhythm, but stepping in the way of fast moving train was tantamount to suicide and so was trying to stop a man from busting a nut.
 “Arrrrrghhhhh,” he bellowed like Tarzan of the jungle swinging through on a vine.
 Just like that—it was over. He kissed her on the cheek with sweat pouring down his face and whispered in her ear how fantastic the sex had been. Then he rolled over onto his back with a stupid smirk of self-satisfaction on his face as if he was the man. The whole thing didn’t take more than five minutes-if that. Tanya sat up in bed to look down on Reed, his eyes were closed and his stupid dick was fast asleep. He would be asleep in seconds and leaving Tanya with a frustrated angry pussy that needed to release all of the heat it had been saving for months. There’s nothing worse than a man with a huge dick and he has absolutely no clue what to do with it. There should a class for men like Reed who couldn’t fuck worth a shit, but you couldn’t tell them anything about their bedroom skills. The ego of a man would never let him admit to needing help in the bedroom. He would pout like a child being scolded. With a little tweaking, Tanya was sure that Reed could be an absolutely fabulous lover, but for now, the brother was a dud. Thank God for Juan.
Juan never disappointed and always stayed hard. He was what the perfect man should be, a man who always delivered an orgasm no matter the situation. Tanya reached into her nightstand draw and reached for Juan. In her tiny hands, Juan felt like a monster about to be unleashed. He was already hard and ready to go. Reed turned over and continued to snore, still basking in the afterglow of his triumphant lovemaking. Every muscle in his body was chiseled to perfection, but the only muscle that Tanya wanted wasn’t worth a damn. What use is a man who has the body of a Mandingo, but the libido of a two-minute egg?  Juan knew what had to be done to salvage this night for his master. Tanya wrapped both hands around him and curled her French manicured fingers tightly around his shaft. Inch by #d3aa8a inch, Juan disappeared inside the heat of her vagina. Tremors of pleasure eager to be released ran rampant through her body. The incessant buzzing of Juan’s massive erection stroked her insides to perfection and moans of pleasure and sweet pain fought for survival but were expelled and released through her lips. She didn’t need Reed. Juan was ten times the man Reed could ever be and he was proving his manhood by fucking her into submission. Every thought, every feeling, real or imagined was being brought to the surface every time Juan stroked her sweet spot, and she begged for God’s forgiveness as she cursed like a sailor through gritted teeth.
Juan was the kind of man every woman should have in her bed. His cock never went down, and there was no such thing as a half an hour break to coax another stallion erection. Tanya gripped the sheets with her left hand and with her right teased her pussy with slow agonizing deep strokes from Juan. Teasingly, Juan buzzed her clitoris with his cock head and before Tanya could catch her breath, he smoothly slid into her until every #d3aa8a inch was no longer visible. Tanya released her fingers from Juan, gripped the sheets with both hands and when Juan buzzed her G-Spot; her eyes were so tightly shut it felt as if she might #d3aa8a out. A million tiny bombs exploded into her and every time Tanya thought the fireworks were over, there would be another explosion. Reed woke up in time to catch the show and to his naked eye, it seemed as if she was having fits. She was thrusting about and moaning incoherently. In his stupidity, Reed was worried that Tanya might attack him and he slinked into a corner of the bed to watch her. The last of her orgasm bombs exploded inside of Tanya and she lay there quiet in a pool of her pleasure. Content that her body had received the release it needed, she would sleep like a baby, but first she had to get rid of some dead weight.
“What the hell were you doing?”  Reed finally found his voice to ask.
Tanya spread her legs wider and removed a cum-soaked Juan from inside of her throbbing lips. “I had to get a man to fuck me since you were asleep and couldn’t do the job. You can leave now, I need my sleep.”  Before Reed could muster a response Tanya disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. Thirty minutes later, Tanya emerged from a warm shower ready for another Juan dick down and Reed was nowhere to be found. She would deal with him tomorrow at work and soothe his fragile ego, but for now, Juan was waiting to pleasure her again.

7:43 pm…8-16-06


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