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Soulful Eyes

Soulful  Eyes


When I look into your eyes

I don’t see the physical you

Your true beauty lives in your heart and not just your body

I see the history of your past, your present…your future with me

I see your soul staring back at me asking me

Am I a man of my word

Am I the man who will stop all of the hurt

Am I the man who will love you with passionate abandon

With my heart on full display for all the world to see

My eyes answer your questions because we are looking for the same things

We are traveling on the same journey in search of everlasting love

I see a woman who is independent but still needs a man to lean on

Even an island needs water to keep it afloat

There is a quiet silence in your eyes but the flames of passion you cannot hide

My actions will be the answer that you need to put your heart at rest

That the man standing before you is the man that I am

The words that I say to you are inscribed within the confines of my heart

It is the Bible by which I lead my life

When you look into my eyes you will see my emotions naked, exposed

You will see that your heart has found a place to call home.



Jéan-Pierre, Dean


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