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Essence Of A Woman

The essence of a woman still remains intact even after heartbreak and pain
The beauty of grace knows no emotions
It shines through life as if nothing ever happened
In her heart, you know that she is deeply hurting
To watch such grace under pressure is awe inspiring
A woman can rise above everything like a beautiful sunrise
Casting her light where only darkness seemingly should exist
She makes each day indistinguishable from the next
Because she is the anchor that holds the family together
She is the strongest link in the chain that keeps it all from falling apart
But at what cost to her heart does she carry on without surrender
Only a woman can be a woman to endure what life can sometimes offer
It takes a special strength of character to wake up every morning
To cast your own dreams aside and live vicariously through your children
The essence of a woman is built on a foundation of strength
That passes from generation to generation
It is not something that can be taught
It is just who they are without compromise.

Sensuality of a Soulful Kiss

Kisses when they are soulful and deep
Can make your soul cry and shed tears of joy
A kiss can touch you in such a profound spiritual way
As if a secret place long hidden
Is now being revealed for the first time
Life as you know it will never be the same again
A kiss can put you in touch with the essence of your being
The warmth of passion exchanged
When tongues touch to express the fervor of desire
Exploring the soft flesh that will soon trigger
The sounds of sighs and moans
Followed by murmurs of short shallow breaths
It feels like your skin is alive
Almost as if your entire body has been set on fire
That at any minute you could somehow die
Only a deep soulful kiss can save your life
Kissing is an art form that few have mastered
It requires patience, a certain rhythm
An unselfish desire to find out what will give your lover pleasure
While inhaling the intoxicating aroma of her sensuality
You are learning what she needs to feed her spirit
You can make love to a woman when you are kissing her soul
Wetting her appetite for all the kisses yet to come
All you have to do is pay special attention
A kiss will tell you what your woman needs
A kiss has a beautiful sensual language all its own
Telling you exactly where you need to touch your woman
Turning her on long after the kiss is over.
You will still be making love to her.

Lay Down

Lay down with me love
Let us not talk about anything else this evening
Let us be quiet in the moment
Keeping the intrusive world outside
Listen to how my heart slow dances for you
As you lay sleeping quietly on my chest
Every beat is in rhythm to our love
It is these moments I enjoy the most
When love is quiet and still
We are creating something uniquely beautiful
Built on a foundation that can withstand anything
That this world can sometimes bring
Lay down with me love
We are the only ones in the world this evening.

The Warmth of Your Love

The warmth of you
Starts long before you take off your clothes
Long before we even make love
I can feel the warmth of your words
Caressing my thoughts and building a home in my heart
When you touch me and pull me in close
I know there is no safer place in this world
Than right here in the sanctuary of your arms
Your kisses always set off a rush of emotions
Even now I find myself still foolishly blushing
When you hug me for no reason
I cannot help but lose myself in your kisses
The intensity of our passion
The warmth of your love
Makes being in love feel so beautiful.

Living For You

For too long now I have lost myself in you
Putting all of your needs ahead of my joy
Never once thinking of my own happiness
After so many years of living for you
I don't even know who I am anymore
My reflection in the mirror is your face
My thoughts are your voice telling me what to think
How did I get to this?
How do I get back to me?
How do I find myself again?
Confidence once breathed in my every word
No one could tell me anything I had not already heard
I knew who I was and where I was going
My worth went beyond the currency between my shapely legs
My sweet lips could be used for more than what you intended
My angelic voice could do more than moan your name in passion
It could change the world and make a difference
Somewhere along the line I forgot to take care of myself
I forget the words of a poet who said, "Love Yourself First"
You are not to blame even though you did me wrong
I am accountable for all my actions
I am taking my life back
Taking ownership over who I am
My heart will take some time to heal but I will be alright
You are undeserving of me
Next time, I will find a man who is worthy of all the love I have to give
But for now,
I will love me with a passion because you just don't know how.

There Will Be Days

There will be days when sadness grips your very soul
Shakes you to the core and challenges your faith on every level
There will be rivers of tears you can no longer hold
It is then that you will find out who you really are
Can you stand up in the midst of a storm
With winds swirling all around
Still somehow maintaining your balance
Fighting on to another day
There will be days when the mere act of waking up
Just feels like it is too much to ask
That God has given you more than your share to handle
You would rather close your eyes and dream of better days
Dreams are not realized without the benefit of hard work
Meals are not made without having a cook
Mouths are not fed unless someone does what is needed
There will be days when not even God will be spared your anger
He is not the one who deserves your wrath
Look in the mirror and the reflection that you see
Is the person who is making you angry
The beauty about anger is that it is born of passion misguided
With a different focus anger can be your best friend
It can incite you to answer your calling
It can empower you to change your life
To be the person you were meant to be
There will be days when you just want to give up
When those days come just remember
You cannot hope to inspire your children and others to lead better lives
If you have already given up on yours.

The Person Who Lives Within

All your life, you have been trying to hide who you are from your friends and family but even darkness you will come out to light so that all can see who you truly are. You've been a professional actor your entire life and the mask of lies that you've built up through the years now make you an impenetrable human being. The face of the person that greets you every day is not the person you are and what you allow others to see is a figment of their imagination-of your imagination-and is mere trickery of the puppet master you have become. You live in the belief that if they saw you as you truly are-a human being, vulnerable and scared, struggling with your conscience daily, just an average person-that they would be unable to accept that you, like them, are fallible and not Godly. There is only one God, leave the perfection to him.

Beauty of Her

Every man who has a woman who loves him has a beauty queen at his side. The crown she wears is an incarnation of the love she showers on you every day. When a woman gives and shows you love, it is as innate to her as breathing; crying when she is sad; smiling her beautiful smile when she is happy and nurturing you because you are her man. It doesn't take much to make most women happy because once she is happy, she will set the world at your feet. The small gestures to show your appreciation to her is not too much to ask for someone who gives you so much and without you having to think about it, she sets the foundation for your life from childhood to manhood. Does she not deserve your best even when your best is not good enough but it is the best that you can do for now? Even at your worst, when the effort is made to make her happy and to show her that you have her best interest at heart, a woman who loves you for you and not just the potential of what you will one day become will appreciate your effort.

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